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The annoyance has subsided somewhat due to the kids in the back seat, but I still got very annoyed by the slow traffic. We have never driven safer cars than today, yet speed limits are constantly being lowered, two-lane roads are reduced to one lane and connected roads have become a kind of maze speed bumps and other obstacles that prevent the slightest increase in speed. Half the time you chew the steering wheel or fall asleep because switching from one light to another makes it very difficult to get your attention to traffic. A modern smartphone is just like making phone calls.

While waiting for the self-driving car to take me to work autonomously, I found a solution. exchangeable! With your hair in the wind, don’t be afraid to bow to speed limits or take a longer route on small secondary roads. And even less, if this convertible was not equipped with a very powerful engine. Is the road to motoring happiness through a car like the BMW 420i Cabriolet? I give myself a week to test this claim.


Say goodbye to sheet metal, the BMW 4 Convertible has been restyled with a fabric roof. A more elegant model unlocks faster – while driving, if desired – without compromising on comfort. Because when closed, the convertible is just as quiet as the Class 4 Coupe. With a simple click of a button, the sky opens up in front of you in all seasons. The combination of air conditioning, heated seats and neck warmers allows you to go out topless even in winter. As long as it’s not raining or snowing. As an option, BMW also offers a windshield that reduces rolling in the cockpit. Even if it still puffed a little.

The soft-roof construction revolves around flat arches that allow the rear glass to be combined with defrosting, as well as several layers of insulating materials. The last of these layers is made of solid boards to better insulate the interior. The innovative soft top of the new BMW 4 Convertible is not only 40% lighter than the steel folding roof of the previous generation, but also takes up less space. As for the trunk, the German manufacturer indicates a maximum volume of 385 liters, of which it is just under 300 liters in open driving. However, neither access nor form is conducive to action.

In addition, the 420i convertible is a BMW, which means above-average driving dynamics. And while the Harmony might be a little more comfortable, the 4 Series Open also features a well-balanced chassis that combines an ideal 50/50 weight distribution with a remarkably agile front suspension. Only the steering is a little too tense for my taste, with a synthetic feel of resistance in cornering (in Sport mode) and a bit of timid highway feedback (in Comfort mode). Fortunately, without disturbing much driving pleasure.


The children especially liked the fact that the BMW 4 Convertible has a rear seat, because during the testing period the weather forecast predicted hot summer days. Until they see that there are only two seats in the back, so no one can fit them. The same thing happened to the Mercedes S-Class… Long live the family! The rear seat provides enough room for stability with very flat seat backs and bodywork reinforcements that somewhat limit width at shoulder height. In addition, there is not much protection from the wind in the rear, which can play tricks on you. But that’s the case with most four-seater convertibles, of course.

On paper, the 2.0-liter turbocharged 420i petrol engine looks like the perfect engine for a BMW 4 Convertible. In fact, although 184 hp should move a mass of approximately 1.8 tons, this mass goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 236 km / h. Everything you need when you have a weekend of sightseeing on your to-do list. But … the supercharged four-cylinder engine does not look particularly interesting, and it rotates very linearly, so you are looking for excitement in vain. go ahead. But without any spark.

The concept car was equipped with many additions from the M Performance catalog, such as the sports steering wheel with specific gear knobs or the aerodynamic fins on the front bumper. But it is not suitable for BMW 4 Convertible at all. They go against the graceful silhouette, and the mission of the somewhat sterile convertible. Speaking of looks, I still don’t like those “rabbit teeth” on the front.

BMW 2022 BMW 420i Convertible

And therefore ?

The convertible requires a few compromises, but it gives you a lot in return. Especially when the sun is shining and you find time to relax. Hence, the BMW 4 Series Convertible is an excellent companion: I appreciate both comfort and control, generous driving pleasure and the immediate feeling of summer during compulsive journeys. Alone and with family, but a maximum of 4 people.

Only the 420i disappointed me a little: not because the 2-liter engine lacked power, but because the turbo gasoline solution lacked character. I’d also leave the M Performance tools in the catalog, but it’s mostly about taste.

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