What Janet Jackson #NippleGate says about racism and sexism in the US

Her nipple accidentally appeared for a split second on the air on the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, and it was enough to ruin her career. The New York Times explains why a documentary is now available for free in French on Arte.

Her nipple was shocking Puritan America. In the first half of the 2004 Super Bowl, Janet Jackson, then at the height of her fame, saw the wreckage of her career when Justin Timberlake tore the clothes that hid her chest. But how could such an accident happen during such an excessively planned, designed and controlled event?

This is what anatomy The New York Times in Malfunction: The dressing of Janet JacksonThe documentary is now freely available in French on the Arte website.

Only one nipple appears and Janet Jackson’s entire career is ruined

Co-produced with Left/Right production company and FX TV (the same team behind the docu February 2021, Britney Spears framing), jAnnette Jackson: Before and after the Nipplegate scandal Take one hour to take the time to tell the social and cultural context of the United States in 2004, and Janet Jackson’s career status right before the facts, for the first half hour. That is, in order to better understand during the second part of the consequences of this nipple piece that shocked this puritan society.

Janet Jackson: Before and After the Nipplegate Scandal is available in French for free at Arte.tv until December 4, 2022.

Janet Jackson: Before and after the nipple scandal Interviews with many people involved in the case, production side, design, choreography, television channels and media authorities. But also the journalists who come back to receive the event in the media and by the general public, at the time, as well as their contemporary vision of this historic event. Gina Wortham, culture journalist at The New York TimesIn particular, it summarizes:

“Our culture doesn’t know what to do with independent women, let alone independent black women. Let’s not even talk about a black woman who is independent, makes money, knows who she is, and is clearly completely sexually liberated. If there was an opportunity to punish her for that, we wouldn’t miss it.” »

A blank check for Justin Timberlake

Through this documentary, it is astonishing to realize the injustice of the racist and misogynistic treatment that Janet Jackson has experienced in an entire media system, but also culturally and politically. fast social system Blaming her alone on something Justin Timberlake did to her, which American society prefers to consider innocent by default and even has the audacity to reward him in the process.

This case focuses on misogyny, and thus this popular, media and political revenge case highlights many gray areas, including the impunity enjoyed by Justin Timberlake, who based much of his career on women’s backs, from Janet Jackson to Britney Spears. But Justin Timberlake is only a symptom of a patriarchy that trapped women in contradictory double orders. Whoever wants to enjoy a woman’s breast will punish her if he sees it.

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