“Seconds of Eternity”, an experience on the frontiers of reality in the Trade Exchange

3:00 PM, July 13, 2022

We enter a corridor where complete darkness reigns. Only a few luminous halos projected onto the ground allowed for guidance. Suddenly it popped up. Spectral silhouette of a woman, black hair gathered in a bun, a pearl necklace, and a steaming red maxi dress. Dominic Gonzalez-Forster turned into Maria Callas, who is so intoxicated by the singer that she confuses her voice with that of the legendary operano. Work titled opera (2016), confuses: the artist embodied in a hologram and sings the singer’s melodies, including Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata.

Appearing as a sit-down, an attempt to connect with the soul of the deceased, in a performance similar to trance as Callas leaves herself haunted and fuses their identities into one floating body. Experiment on the frontiers of reality is part of the commodity exchange’s new attachment to the phantom as a common thread. Excitement guaranteed.

An immersive journey told by melancholy

“We wanted to put all spaces in harmony with ‘seconds of eternity’, a form borrowed from Charles Baudelaire which means carpe diem –You have to enjoy the moment—, notes Emma Lavigne, General Manager, Pinault Collection; sOr deal with the topic of suspended time or flight, notably through the cordial dialogue between Ronnie Horn and Felix Gonzalez Torres, who approach the tragedy of AIDS in a landmark political work. »

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At the center of an immersive journey narrated by gloom, we discover a seemingly terrifying installation by Philip Barrino: a piano playing by itself, surrounded by helium-filled balloons that circle the four corners of the room, to the tunes of “Eyes Wide Shut” (1999), Stanley Kubrick’s last film. Moreover, it makes Marilyn Monroe’s voice resonate in the reconstruction of the room she occupied at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York in the 1950s. Myriam was anticipating Mare Nostrum (2008), an oil painting depicting migrants drowning deeply in the Mediterranean, a true nightmarish vision of individuals diving into the depths, the petrified gaze and outstretched arms as if they were holding a non-existent life buoy. An extraordinary visit as far as it is moving.

* “Seconds of Eternity” until September 26 at the Bourse de la Mer (Paris 1). pinaultcollection.com

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