In Monaco, Princess Charlene reappeared among tourists

Charlene of Monaco during the 61st Ceremony of the Monte Carlo Television Festival. (Monaco, June 17, 2022.) abaca

The 44-year-old princess made a surprise appearance on Monday, July 11 at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco. Happy visitors even had the opportunity to meet her and take pictures.

Largely absent for several months due to health reasons, Charlene of Monaco suddenly appeared on Monday 11 July in the corridors of the Princely Palace in Monaco and took the opportunity to greet the tourists today, who had come to visit the Sovereign’s House.

The mysterious video of Charlene from Monaco

smile on lips

“Yesterday afternoon, Her Royal Highness Princess Charlene introduced a few guests to the recently renovated Grand Apartments (government apartments) in the Prince’s Palace as well as the Renaissance frescoes that were unveiled to the public after several years of restoration.” We can read the family’s Instagram account. We see Prince Albert II’s wife, all smiling, wearing an elegant set of white and black pants, groping with the crowd. In one photo, a woman with short hair is hugging. In another shot, we found her surrounded by a group of children.

The princess also follows the results of recent work with great interest. The Grands Appartements of the Prince’s Palace have been closed to the public for two years, and reopened their doors in early July. The epidemic was an opportunity for the Sovereign House to continue the restoration of the exterior and interior painted decorations of the palace but also to renew the scenography and the itinerary of the visit to the part open to the public in the summer season, set at the end of June the director of the archives of the Prince Thomas Fouilleron Palace in columns Monaco morning .

Albert and Charlene from Monaco, 10 years of marriage restored in a video

If rumors about a possible princely divorce do not stop since Charlene’s absence from Monaco, convalescing due to an ENT infection in South Africa, and then being admitted for several months to a specialized institution in Switzerland due to “physical and emotional exhaustion”, perhaps this official version should silence more People are worried.

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