Hair Stylist: Skills, Training and Salary

hairdressing skills

Hairdressing is an artistic profession that requires demanding training. Therefore, the number one skill required to practice is to master the various techniques related to hair cutting, brushing, colouring, perming, etc. It is essential to know the tools and products used for cutting, coloring or hair care. However, it’s hard to truly satisfy your customers without going through an important stage of listening to their desires, to figuring out how to translate them into a carve out to their liking. Listening, communication, interpersonal and interpersonal skills are important skills for a hairdressing profession. Good physical condition is required in this job where standing is semi-permanent. When the professional project is to open a salon, management, accounting and management skills are essential.

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Training to become a hairdresser

The profession is prepared after the third year, with the CAP “Hairdressing Professions”. Male (MC) “Color cut” allows you to specialize within one year after CAP. There are also two types of professional baccalaureate for hairdressing professions, the baccalaureate “professionals in hairdressing” and the professional baccalaureate “Perruquier posticheur”.

Another possible course, Professional Certificate (BP) “Hairdressing”. At this level of training, it is already possible to open your own salon. The Chambers of Professions and Trades offer Master’s degrees “Hairdressing” (BM) recognized at the baccalaureate +2 level.

After a few years of experience, a hairdresser can open his own salon. Another possible development is a move toward teaching to train future hairdressers.

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hair stylist fee

Hair stylists start at minimum wage when they work. When he opens his own salon, his wages depend on his activity level.

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