A vehicle was analyzed, but no trace of the couple’s DNA was found

Investigators, judging by the statements of the former detainee Cedric Jubilard, were interested in a white Peugeot 306 that could have made it possible to transport the body of the disappeared. A car was analyzed, but no trace of the couple was found there.

Last December, it was statements by a former detainee to Cedric Jubilard that set investigators on the right track. The latter, named Marco, had claimed that the prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife Delphine had told him that he had transported the body in a white car on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020.

He said at the time, “He had help with a car. He said he got a white car back. (…) He said he had a car and got rid of it near a place where it was burned.”

Then the investigators began to list the various owners of white cars in the couple’s entourage. Peugeot 306 acquaintance will attract the attention of the police. Its owner claims that he does not care much about the safety of his car, sometimes leaving the keys in the ignition, when he does not leave the front door of his house open where the Peugeot was parked. This same house is also located not far from Jubillars house.

No traces of the couple’s DNA, other results expected

Analyzes are required, which leads to sampling of seven biological traces, found in the passenger side backrest or on the seats. These samples are first passed on to Bluestar, a product that detects traces of blood. It turned out to be negative.

Then the coroners order another type of analysis, this time DNA, to try and find a Cedric or dolphin trail in the car. One specimen in particular is set aside, as it turned out to be female. However, as I learned from BFMTV compatible sources, it is not Delphine. As for the other six samples, some of them are unusable, and some do not belong to the protagonists of the case. So no trace of the couple’s DNA was detected.

However, investigators are still awaiting results regarding a jacket found in the back of the car. The analyzes focus on the hairy elements – hair or hair – that are there.

Traces on broken glass

These recent discoveries weaken the prosecution’s case. Lawyers for Cedric Gubelard, whose pretrial arrest was confirmed a few days ago, still argue that the file against their client is empty.

But some questions remain unanswered. Nothing says that the car the investigators analyzed was the one Cedric Jubilard would have used on the evening of Delphine’s disappearance, if he was responsible. Nothing also says that what he disclosed to his detainee is true.

Finally, there is still a trace of Delphine’s glasses, which were found broken, which were also analyzed. Logically speaking, the majority of the traces of DNA detected on the body are those of the young woman. But other traces of the minority were found. It could be Cedric’s DNA, even if investigators haven’t ruled out that they belong to the couple’s biological children.

Melanie Vecchio, Mathias Tyson and Jules Freesard

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