You do an eyebrow transplant and the result is (almost) excessive

in Nineties and 2000The trend was for very thin eyebrows. Then many women abused the tweezers. Unfortunately, due to its removal, the hair ends up stopping growing. Many people who followed this trend at the time can confirm this. They had a bad experience, and now they find themselves today with eyebrows that are still thin.

The trend is no longer really thin eyebrows, but rather natural ones. Whether it is too thick or not, today we talk a lot about it eyebrow lifts To fix his eyebrows upward for the wrong, slightly “wild” effect. However, if your eyebrows are really too thinthis will not help them regain a certain density.

Precise shading, microblading, or eyebrow hair transplantation?

To find well-groomed eyebrows, several solutions are available to you. For example, you can choose precise shading (The beautician comes to draw a lot of small dotted lines at the level of the eyebrows to create a shadow from the head of the eyebrow to the tail) or microblading (The esthetician fills in the gaps or creates the entire eyebrow by drawing the fake hair).

Would you rather have real eyebrow hair over a tattoo? In this case, only one solution: Illegal earning ! More expensive, the results are amazing. Many celebrities have already fallen for this innovative new method, such as Chrissy Teigen. John Legend’s wife shared her experience via her social media. On Instagram, she revealed the result and this result is somewhat surprising.

Plastic surgery for less than 2000 euros

Exercise little because it requires intervention Plastic surgeryEyebrow transplant surgery is still interested in Isabel Kochi, a 36-year-old Englishwoman who made the mistake of plucking her eyebrows too often during her adolescence. Her doctor offered her to do this plastic surgery for 6000 euros, so she went to Poland. There, she was able to afford the transplant 1800 euros.

The Polish doctor took the hair from the back of his head and then transplanted it into his eyebrows. “The procedure was painless. The only thing that hurt me was two anesthetic injections, one in the scalp and one in the eyebrows. It’s the only pain I’ve ever felt” Captivated Isabel Kocchi to the mirror.

Eyebrows grow as hair grows

“When I looked in the mirror and saw my new eyebrows for the first time, I cried. I was so touched because I waited for them for so long” The young woman said. It must be said that the result is impressive. It just requires a little patience. Then the transplanted hair falls out after two months “It took 4 or 5 months to start growing again permanently and fully grown again in 8 months.”

Since then, the young woman has eyebrows Ultra advanced And it requires more maintenance than natural eyebrows. In fact, his hair grows as fast as hair! “It can grow long if you don’t cut it. Every month I will cut my eyebrows like hair by a friend” I explained.

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