VIDEO Iris Mittenaere: What’s the secret to her gorgeous XXL hair? Her hairstylist reveals everything

Presenting the lottery, Iris Mittenaere sells dreams with long, slightly wavy chestnut hair. The hot haircut was made possible thanks to a secret revealed by her hairstylist, Paul Duchmin.

Irresistible hair. It is difficult to get a beautiful haircut in terms of volume and length, as well as highly desirable coloring. However, it is not impossible! In fact, Iris Mittenaere succeeded. enough to Check out her Instagram feed To envy her long chestnut hair. For years, the former Miss Universe has been sporting the same haircut with a few exceptions. We remember the box she wore to the NRJ Music Awards last November, but don’t panic, it was a wig. againstProof that the beauty queen appreciates her exquisite beauty. Her hairstylist Paul Duchmin got it right!

Iris Mittenaere: discover her style for beautiful hair

Superior artist Iris Mittenaere found a lottery bid, on Monday, July 11th. in this occasion, she called Her sexy team for an exceptional aesthetic treatment, as he usually does. Among them, we find her hairstylist, Paul Duchmin, who has been following her for some time. Thanks to her talents, Iris Mittenaere appeared on the screen with very long hair. But what is his secret in this rendering? Paul Duchemin said on his Instagram that he used extensions from Luxy hair. Depending on the brand’s website, it is possible to order different lengths of extensions depending on the desired finish. homework ? Offers several colors that allow a natural presentation as in Iris Mittenaere.

Long hair is the signature of the former lady. ‘I rarely cut them’ . said it’s belgium in 2020, “Maybe except for a couple of years when I dared to do a bob, but that’s the only ‘slightly crazy’ cut I’ve been able to do.” And for good reason, “I love my hair, I’ve always taken care of it, and I think it’s a woman’s true beauty asset.” Iris Mittenaere considers her hair as “A great accessory to quickly change your look.” She is not mistaken. Thanks to its length, “One day I can wear it for a long time” in a mermaid pose” The next day I make a low bun and give it a more romantic look.” It’s perfect for never getting bored!

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