Olaplex: I tested my hair set for the most popular brand on TikTok and my hair has never been so shiny!

For several years now, the Olaplex brand has been making a fuss with hairdressers. First available only in strong hair salons, the brand is now distributing to the general public its treatments known to restore hair’s shine and softness. And the hype didn’t stop there: on TikTok, there are countless pre/post tags that increase the effectiveness of the products: shampoos, masks, conditioners, etc.

So inevitably in the face of this craziness, we wanted to see for ourselves if the engagement was worth the effort. Spoiler alert : yes.

The Olaplex Bond range: a treatment for damaged hair!

Let’s start from the (sad) note of my hair: I bleached a few times until I was blonde, then re-colored it to make it red… My hair is clearly very damaged, and even if it’s regular care for it, it’s not really full of life and nickel. Aside of course when I use this signed Davines product. Let’s be honest: I wouldn’t leave with great hair. There will be work.

So I started my test of the Bond set ofOlaplex Carefully hair supplement, which you used to motivate the moment. Its goal is to help restore the capillary bonds between two chemotherapy treatments. This product is applied at home before shampooing and can be used more than once a week. I think I was a little heavy, finding the bottle a little too small if I have to use it a few times a week. I think I put a good third of the bottle on my hair. Yes, it is a lot, but it takes what it takes! Anyway, big crush: Once I rinsed off the product, my hair felt so soft, like Barbie’s, that I understood that even if it wasn’t used at the base to be used luxuriously, I did a good job all the same.

Then I made my own shampoo using shampoo No. 4 Maintenance Bond. I found this a bit shameful because it took away some of the smoothness I had with Hair Perfector. And I asked myself a question about using Hair Perfector alone, without shampooing afterwards. But after my hair was really dirty (thanks to the sports and heat), I decided to wash it anyway.

Once I cleaned my hair, I receivedto meenergizing balm Maintenance N°5 Bond, designed with patented bridge reconstruction technology Olaplex. Helps restore, repair and moisturize hair without weighing it down. Eliminates frizz and repairs damaged hair for strong, shiny hair. And there, the magic just happens. To be sure of its effectiveness, I tried using it after my organic shampoo, which usually leaves my hair rough, without any wrapping. Well, you totally got the job done. My hair came out super soft but above all with amazing shine. My red hair has never been so vibrant and delicious before.

Olaplex Bond Scope: Final Verdict

It’s a big yes to this already salon-proven hair care set. At home, too, it works perfectly and gives hair the smoothness and shine it deserves from the best professionals. The only downside to our taste: The result on curly hair is a lot less crazy than on smooth hair. The range does not really help to fix curls, and therefore it is recommended to use it after shampooing.

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