France 3 rebroadcast seasons 4 and 5 from Tuesday 12 July

Stéphane Blancafort and Astrid Veillon return this week on France 3. The duo Shock and Magic invite you to watch or re-watch this Tuesday 12 July from 21.10 Four reruns of seasons 5 and 4, here are the summaries without further delay.


Lea Soler (Astrid Fillon) and Paul Marshall (Stephan Blancafort). © Fabien Mallot / FTV / DEMD Productions

Tandem: Your episodes for Tuesday 12 July 2022

Sleeping Water – Season 5 – Episode 1

The body of Olivier Cruz, a businessman, was found in a Peruvian fountain. Did we want to prevent him from carrying out his own shopping center project that would disfigure part of the St. Clement Canal?

Leah discovers that the victim was murdered after her grandparents’ torture, hydrotherapy. Is this murder related to the legend of the three shepherds from the source of Pulido who suffered the same ordeal that Paul believes?

Secrets on the Docks Season 5 Episode 2

Damien Byrne, a dock worker recently promoted to deputy director of Sett Harbor, was found dead on the docks. Léa and Paul would learn that Damien was willing to do anything to get that promotion.

Who can blame this man who was juggling between pleasing the port administration and defending his former pier comrades? Paul and Leah discover that the victim was playing a double game, so can his death be linked to rampant trafficking in the port or to treason?


Resurrection – Season 4 – Episode 1

Philip Prejen was found dead in the workshop of the traditional soap factory he runs. Léa and Paul think they will complete their investigation quickly: a hair from the attacker was found in the victim’s hand.

However, the DNA analysis holds a big surprise to investigators. The hair belongs to Laurent Belmont, the first husband of the victim’s wife. However, this person is supposed to have died eight years ago!

Last Dance Season 4 Episode 2 with Subtitles

World-renowned choreographer Alexander Williams is found dead on the Agora stage. One of his dancers, Natalie Pariso, is found covered in the victim’s blood and in a state of shock. But she doesn’t remember anything: she had early-stage Alzheimer’s syndrome.

By searching to find evidence against her, Soler and Marshall will realize that the murder may not be as simple as it seems… Alexander Williams seems to be hiding many secrets. Was he killed out of jealousy? What if Natalie was not guilty, but a witness to the murder?


Here is a brief glimpse of what awaits you during these episodes

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