Caroline Eda Lana: Why the 60-year-old model’s posters bothered some women

At 62, she is one of the most famous “silver” supermodels and the most combative spokeswoman for women of her generation. Find it on Tuesday, July 12th at 9:10 p.m. in the book Superpowers of the Human Body: Female Desires and Pleasures, The New Sexual Revolution.

You define yourself as the spokesperson for the invisible, those women who are over 50 and not represented in society. Were you born a feminist?

Carolina Ida Bear: (Laughs) No, but I was lucky to have very caring parents, and they freed me from all complexes very early. For me, for my sisters, they repeat “You are great”. And when I realized, as a teenager, that I didn’t get along with the guns and thinness that dictated at the time, it didn’t stop me from feeling comfortable in my sneakers and body.

What happened to you at the age of fifty?

First, nothing special. I still have a job, guys in my life, the impression that I’m feeling happy… the sudden realization is related to a ruptured aneurysm. I woke up one day, fifty-seven, running from death but without work. And he realized that for society, it swung to the other side: that of women who were no longer important.

What causes this shock?

Suddenly, I looked at the women’s press that I loved to read so much that I don’t know myself anywhere. Same thing on TV, movies, serials…we always show the same category of women: young women! The so-called top magazines put 30-year-old girls on the cover. It’s ridiculous! We’re no longer in 1950, and we still consider that 50 years later, women are “too old.”

The Instagram account you are running immediately (Tweet embed) Is it a provocation?

It’s my way of moving lines. I post selfies to remind the existence of women like me!

And you were spotted on parade at the Salon de la lingerie, then became the face of the Darjeeling brand.

I found it incredible that Salon de la Lingerie asked me, 60, with white hair, size 44, to do a show. Darjeeling’s advertising campaign has also caused quite a stir. Moreover, some women told me they bothered to see me everywhere on the walls, in bus shelters, in my panties and bras, my blood, my cellulite, my white hair… “How dare you show such a body?” But I answer them: This is life! To age!

Is there really a market for “silver” models, as they are called?

Yes and no. Women over 50 make up only 1.5% of models, with the same figure: veterans of the profession, who always look at 36-38 … If you ask why, you are told that clothing prototypes are made in 36, not 44 …

You also have a very free word for sex…

You have to express yourself! I, for two years, had no one in my life and did not make love, but because I did not want to sell myself.

What do your children and parents think of your fight?

At first they did not understand, but today they are very proud!

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