What courage! Attacking a prostitute and defending her by a driver and allowing the attacker to be arrested

Shortly before the Surmi Dam, in front of this truck, a woman was attacked, rescued and rescued by a passing motorist. “I just did my homework,” she says afterwards.

“I just did my homework,” she said. But what a duty, and above all, what courage this driver had last Saturday on the side of the Surmi Dam.

The time is around 1 pm. Accompanied by her mother, a young woman returns home at the wheel of her car and heads towards Surmi Dam. Just before, on the right, she retreats into a path, thinking she sees a woman being attacked by an individual. “I had a doubt, so I turned. It was already a whore near her truck who had been assaulted by a man. At the time, I didn’t think. I stopped the car, screamed and the horn sounded.”

The woman is being abused, her attacker is armed, pulls her hair and kicks her.

“I wanted someone to help me, and for other motorists to stop, but I found myself alone with my mom,” says the driver. “I couldn’t stay idle.”

The attacker, between 50 and 55 years old, even if he doesn’t seem really upset, then heads towards the car. “I backed up while I continued to scream, he finally made his way back to his mobile home and ran away.”

Without losing her temper, she makes sure to put the assaulted woman in the back of her car. “She even manages to grab the gun from her attacker, and moreover she bleeds in one hand” identifies the heroine, who is not worried about the potential danger to her.

She works and goes to the end of her thoughts and decides to pursue the mobile aggressor’s home. On the phone, she calls 17 and explains the situation. “While I was driving while staying at a safe distance, I provided information to the Montessori police officers, the nature of the vehicle, its license plate and direction.”

“We had something crazy

with my mother. I’m proud “

At the wheel of his motorhome, the man risks, “He’s been driving at 120 km/h crazy, overtaking anyway,” states the young woman. “It was a real team effort with my mother as I started the adventure without asking her for anything.”

Thanks to his perseverance, and also his risk, the Montsilienne police officers arrested the person who was driving his RCEA motorhome at the Blanzy level. He was immediately arrested at the police station. “He will be referred to the public prosecutor’s office in Chalons-sur-Saone on Monday,” the commissioner said.

“We had a crazy thing with my mom. I still see all the scenes. I’m proud.”

In fact, she can be proud, even very proud. It is such a rare civilian act these days that it deserves, without any exaggeration, a standing ovation.

With her mother, she accompanied the assaulted woman to the police station. “We discussed together a long time before the police took his statements, and then ours,” says the writer of this wonderful work.

Jean Bernard

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