His scathing response to an inappropriate, scathing comment

Vaimalama Chaves no longer presents himself, all of France knows his face. But those interested in the Miss France contest, and there are many of them, also know the temperament of the young lady. In fact, the woman who has been elected Miss France 2019 is not the type to allow herself to move on. She specifically committed against bullying at school, and she herself was a victim of this phenomenon as a child.

Today Vaimalama Chaves is a strong, influential and courageous woman who does not hesitate to stand up to her critics. She is also beautiful and talented but that does not serve our purpose. Needless to say to the readersObjeko from social media, “haters” Legal age. But that was without relying on the young woman on the other hand. Anonymous or not, when criticism rains down on her on Instagram, she responds and doesn’t hesitate to brag to her critics. They have been warned.

Vaimalama Chaves confuse netizens who dare to attack it

On social networks, under the guise of freedom of expression, some Internet users allow themselves to insult, belittle or humiliate other Internet users. And these are really the most followed on the web who collect the most negative comments. Objeko This gives you, they also get a lot of support from the public. But even 1% of hate amid 99% of good intentions can be heavy to bear. Especially when, like Vaimalama Chaves, 560,000 netizens are subscribed to his Instagram account.

However, she has undoubtedly accustomed since her election to Miss France 2019, Faimalama Chavez does not allow her critics to dictate her behaviour. On the contrary, it imposes and those who annoy them can go their way. Thus, fans of the former beauty queen can enjoy seeing her go on vacation and take a pose in the ocean of dreams, for example.

They can reflect on its appearance and happily discover some travel tips. And one detail that didn’t escape anyone, Vaimalama Chaves had gorgeous braids for their stay on Reunion Island. And when she came back she decided to take them off. “It is very heavy on the head, there is a lot of material, and it also requires a lot of maintenance.”, then took the time to explain to subscribers. And this is the sequel, Objeko Guaranteed, which could make you fall off your chair.

Special relationship with social networks

When Vaimalama Chaves shared a photo of herself after removing her braids, she was enjoying the volume of her hair. An opportunity for her subscribers to laugh together and share a special moment in the life of the former Miss France. But then she received amazing letters from her critics.

against imalamama

Netizens responded to this a story To insult Vaimalama Chaves. All while showing nauseating racism. And, as usual, the beauty did not let this crime pass. The comment was posted live online to denounce the violence and unacceptable nature of such comments. “The nigger inside you is perched, curly hair.”We wrote to him.

The stricken, Vaimalama Chaves unfortunately have not finished their troubles. In fact, she was recently asked why she is gaining weight. Q is a frontal and direct attack, hiding behind some form of recklessness. Then she publicly replied in front of her subscribers: “Because I love myself so much that I needed more of myself to cherish.”

Irony and irony are undoubtedly necessary for Vaimalama Chaves to continue to lead his boat on social networks. However, she does not hide the fact that some days are harder than others. After all, no one deserves to bear such criticism on a daily basis.

Vaimalama Chaves fans have also noted all the efforts she makes to keep her head in the face of humiliation. And sometimes they come to ask her for advice to also apply her way of keeping smiling despite everything.

“Third Toltec convention: Don’t take it personally. People talk, they gossip, they do the evil you’ve let happen. If you understand that their opinion is only theirs, and that it doesn’t define your value, that’s a really big step. After that, it’s up to you to appreciate yourself, Understand that you are worth more than others think and affirm yourself as such.”Faimalama Chavez replied.

vaimalama-chaves- advises its subscribers to stay calm on Instagram story

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