Definition, cause of this obsessive-compulsive disorder, solutions

Skin obsessive-compulsive disorder is a compulsive and repetitive behavior that consists of crushing the skin (hand, scalp, fingers, etc.) in a pathological way. what are the reasons? Warning signs? How is the diagnosis made? What are the solutions? Annotations by Dr. Patrick Lemoine, Psychiatrist.

Skin mania is Obsessive-compulsive disorderA compulsive, repetitive behavior consisting of skin scratching (hand, scalp…) satisfactorily. what are the reasons ? Warning signs? How is the diagnosis made? What is the treatment to overcome it? explanations.

Definition: What is a skin disease?

Skin mania is repetitive behavior Centered around the body, called CRCC. This disease will affect 1% of the populationwomen in 3 out of 4 cases, and it often develops during adolescence. This disorder was included in Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) and Related Disorders in the latest fifth edition of DSM(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), the International Reference Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders.

What causes skin mania?

to Many psychological reasons Skin mania can be explained by:

  • bad feeling ,
  • severe anxiety,
  • pent-up anger
  • depression,
  • Shame on oneself, says Dr. Patrick Lemoine, MD, a psychiatrist.

What are the symptoms of skin mania?

The affected person often has a skin injury, such as mild acnewhich you mistakenly think are worse than her. “This prompts her to carefully examine her skin, followed by frequent and uncontrolled scratching, one or more Multiple areas of the face, scalp, neck or neckbut also from the body, for example Shoulders, armpits, back, arms and legs. These impulses are uncontrollable, highly irrational, and often ritualistically repeated without a person being able to avoid them.”, identifies Dr. Lemoine. During these repeated scratches, a person alternates with feelings of pleasure, especially when he is able to eliminate a small pimple or crust, with moments of tension.

They often appear in the evening, just before bedtime, in order to get rid of the stress of the day.

These can become real impediments in everyday life, because these impulses can last from a few minutes to several hours a day, and occur anywhere (at home, in transportation, at work, etc.) and at any time and at any time from today. “But most of the time, Appear in the evening, a little before bed, in order to get rid of the stress of the day“, Our expert says. Sometimes it can also be added repetitive behaviors Such as biting the lips or cheeks from the inside, biting the nails, tearing or biting the skin of the nails, tearing the hair….

What are the consequences of skin mania?

This causes frequent and excessive scratching abrasions on the skin that can be injured and leave by force Marks/scars Lifetime on the skin.

Diagnosis depends on Patient history and clinical signs.

What is the treatment of dermatosis?

First, it must be Consult a dermatologist. the recipe healing care Scratching wounds can be treated and treated to overcome skin problems at the origin of dermatoses. Second, it is important to consult psychiatrist Because psychotherapy can be very helpful. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) It achieves good results. parallel, Relaxing exercise, nice gym (yoga, tai chi, etc.) or sports can help manage stress.

Thanks to Dr. Patrick Lemoine, psychiatrist.

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