Cherbourg. A bleeding woman found at the foot of a building was beaten by her violent husband

Police arrived at the scene on May 22. (© disambiguation /

a 37 years It was judged Monday 11 June 2022 in instant appearance to me court From Cherbourg (km) for Acts of violence against his cell.

The May 22 2022 It’s 2:55 pm Police departments from Cherbourg avenue de fuces At the request ofTattoo artist installed on this street. He tells them about the presence of a young woman, a Polish national, at the foot of a building traces of blood on the face. The police soon found the frightened young woman, who was wearing a white sleeveless jacket.

Traces of blood on the face and earlobes, as well as on the left arm. She will explain to them that her companion, who is also Polish, just hit her and that she was Regularly a victim of violence.

pees on his cell

The police arrested the person who pretended to be sleeping in his bed wrapped in a duvet. The young woman hands the police Medical certificate signed by CHPC emergency room In the history of January 16 2022 She details the injuries she allegedly sustained, including broken nose bone.

During Hearing at the police station, back in detail to the May 22 facts. She explained that her companion violently hit her in the face, pulling her hair to bring her to their apartment.

“It all started the day before. We drank three bottles of wine to celebrate the weekend. An argument broke out. He called me a whore, repeating that I slept with all Cherbourg. He beat me and locked me in the apartment. He beat me several times. At night, I went out the window and went to the disco. The next morning, I was afraid to go home. I asked a friend to come with me. My companion got angry as soon as I arrived. He insulted me. My friend was afraid. He went. My companion closed the door, then started insulting and screaming. I took shots in the ribs and stomach. He pulled me by my hair. . »

Polish victim of violence

Keep hitting her, spitting on her while she’s on the floor, and even going to pee on him. The police also provided His hair that have been cut. A new medical certificate has been issued to this effectHematoma in the right arm, on the ear, at the level of the temples and skull, a movable wound on the upper edge of the lip, as well as a swelling of the right cheek. At the end of the hearing, the young woman decided not to file a complaint, retracting her statements.

2.66 grams of alcohol

for him His companion was drunk at the time of the accident. His blood alcohol level was measured at 2.66 grams of blood alcohol. It was He was arrested after he woke up. As he hears it, he will learn about mutual arguments and insults, and evoke them cross kicks.

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On January 16 we were drunk. We had an argument. She threw herself at me. I put my arm. It was involuntary. She was kicking me and my arms hit her nose. »


The Public Prosecution also mentioned that the police departments intervened on two occasions in their workplace. Turlaville Following two violent disputes, on January 15 and 30. After deliberation, the court sentenced the man to A Sentenced to ten months in prison, five of which are suspendedwith gun ban for three years. It was keep in detention.

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