All the tips you need to know to maintain your colored hair

platinum blonde Retouch every 4 to 6 weeks. It is the most difficult color to maintain because it requires a double treatment which makes the hair more weak. A professional will be able to balance out the overall color as much as possible and cover the roots with the necessary care.

gray roots Repair every 4 to 7 weeks because it only requires one treatment.

Survey: Touch every 7 to 10 weeks to limit the dye to the targeted areas, not all of the hair.

4. Double your bet in the summer

Summer is the best season to show off a new coloring and live as if tomorrow doesn’t exist. However, you will have to be extra careful if you want to maintain a new mane. “If you’re exposed to sand, sea water, and chlorine, your hair may become dry and lack moisture. Maximize the effectiveness of your heat-protective skincare by adding a serum,” says Norris, because serums are the most concentrated products. “First look for UV protection and do two masks a month.”

Aveda sun protection spray

5. Prefer hair styling products from professional brands

When it comes to color-treated hair products, there is one basic rule to follow according to Norris. Trust brands distributed in salons or used by professionals. Some examples: Sachaguan, Kérastase, Davines, R + Co, Oribe, Kevin Murphy, Living Proof, Olaplex, Mizani, Bumble and bumble, Aveda, Redken, K18. Feel free to take a look at their range of treatments, too.

6. Invest in a shower filter

No matter where you live, there will likely be Something In water that can affect your hair, whether it’s minerals that saturate with hard water, or just rust. “If you live in the countryside, you may be exposed to well water, which is very drying and increases frizz,” the expert continues. “If you live in a high-density area, it is not uncommon to find rust in the pipes, which tends to discolor the color. Either way, it is best to install a shower filter to overcome the hardness of the water. The filter helps trap harmful minerals in the water before they It reaches your hair, saving you money at the hairdresser to maintain the color in the long run.”

Aquabliss shower filter

7. Cut your hair regularly

An often overlooked aspect of good hair health (particularly for color-treated hair) is regular visits to the hairdresser. “Products alone do not prevent hair breakage and split ends,” Norris says. “I recommend this to people who want platinum blonde without putting too much effort into it. Hair will always work if you want to keep it healthy.” She recommends getting a haircut every three months. If you have a short haircut, be extra diligent, in order to maintain a good ratio of colored hair to natural hair.

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