When teen abuse turns into a family fight that ends in court

Before the judges are four defendants who must justify their actions. All victims and civilian parties at the same time. “This case is the temple of immaturity! “ He will sigh, angrily, the presiding judge, Nicholas Ernst, in the crosshairs of confused explanations.

flash back. In January 2021, a young girl and her cousin seek refuge from the tensions poisoning her relationship with her stepfather. “During an argument, he threw a glass of water in my face, pulled my hair and ears, and ended up burying my head in the pillow until I shut up!In front of the judges, Lilas sticks to her words. The president drops Dennis: “This is humiliation, sir!This is the first time the stepfather uses violence, Lilas confesses, but the dialogue is interrupted for a long time. “He was violent with his mother but she forgave every time…“.

When Dennis put himself on toptake it homeLilas’ uncles, aunt and cousin are waiting for her at the bottom of the building. Anti-gay fights, threats and insults, men and women on the ground, chasing the car with a screwdriver… We think of these comics where the characters fight in a whirlwind of dust without really understanding where the characters come from Big!The president patiently trembling listens to the various accounts, and the prosecutor seeks self-defense. “They did not face the same reality!She sums up, disappointed, in the desperation of finding it on her own.

At the center of the discussions: The character of Dennis, an eccentric in the forties, is declared psychologically fragile. He is able to fall on one knee in front of the referees to imitate the blows he received. Then he recited by heart the legendary poems of Rocky Balboa in front of an amazed audience at his presence on the show!

Adults are supposed to protect children but no one acts like adults! “Regrets the Public Ministry requiring 4 to 12 months of suspended imprisonment for heroines.”Do not pull a child’s ears or his hair! “ Lee Buchon, Lilas’ attorney, adds a claim of 1,500 euros.

For his part, I am Cheval Yahya Accurate Instructions The President condemns the strangulation suffered by one of Lilas’ uncles in the fighting.

Dennis’ attorney, Me Devret-Autric, is demanding the full release of all four charges, arguing that his client “He was only a victim of a punitive campaignAnd that Lilas would have exaggerated the violence he suffered.

In the end, the court followed the requests. There is no prison sentence but a deferment for everyone, including the largest amount, 10 months, for Dennis.

Purple, weak figure, unemotional face, she leaves the palace with her head held high. I heard his suffering.

(1) The victim’s first name has been changed

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