Short hairstyles to adapt according to your face shape

Do you want to change your look but are hesitant to keep your long hair or not? If convenience and ease of maintenance are what you are looking for, then short hair is what you need. In this slideshow, we explain which one will look best on you, depending on your face shape.

Hair: the advantages of short haircuts

Having long hair usually means spending more time Shampoo, detangling, drying and styling. Cutting it saves precious minutes every morning. It’s also a good way to keep them indoors good health, because in this way you get rid of all the damaged tips. As for your scalp, it is no longer suffocated by the heavy capillary mass.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, don’t think that giving up your heights will make you lower feminine… exactly the contrary ! The short haircuts give style—even a little killer side—and highlight the face. Do not hesitate to Accessories : Headbands, clips and other headbands allow you to change your look quickly and effortlessly.

Finally, adopting a short haircut is crucial ExerciseEspecially if you are very active or spend time outdoors. No more flying into your eyes at the slightest gust of wind.

Choose your story: respect the nature of your hair

To find the cut that suits you best, it is important to choose it according to your shape Face. That’s why we reveal the cuts that best suit your body type in our slideshow. But don’t forget that cutting must also adapt to the nature of your life Poetry.

that is the last one curly or curly? The short square and boyish cut are made for you, if the size doesn’t scare your eyes. If your hair rather Destinations and flat, avoiding highly degraded cuts and prefers a ball cut or frankly boyish or square look. Patterns to go if you have a lot, on the contrary thick. In this case, sagging or pointed cuts are preferred.

How do you maintain a short haircut?

If the acronyms require less maintenance at home, on the other hand, you are supposed to go more regularly to Barber, so as to maintain a beautiful structure. Count on a visit every month, if financially feasible – you may be the pleasure of the usual pampering.

At home, wash them two to three times a week with a touch up suitable shampoo On your hair (greasy, normal, dry, etc.), silicone-free, apply a mask once a week to deeply moisturize.

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