mango and zinc

to me Japan Exposition, the great gathering of Japanese pop culture, taking place July 14-17 at Parc des expositions de Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis), many visitors will undoubtedly be able to have their picture taken in front of two life-size statues of Luffy. , the central character of pieceThe best selling manga in the world. If they are curious, they may ask their creator, Christophe Desnoel, what materials they are made of. “zinc”He will answer with pride.

Zinc, yes, this bluish-white malleable metal, is commonly used to make gutters or bar counters. Carpenter-carpenter in Saint-Maxir (Deux Sevres), Christophe Desnoel, 33, knows very well the materials needed to work with it every day on the rooftops of the area. He hopes that the Japan Exhibition, where he will be setting up a stand for the first time, will be the starting point for his great project: from craftsman to becoming an artist.

The idea was rigged in his head in 2015 after ” Command “ For his wife, Amelie, to manufacture a zinc version of Sauron’s helmet, a title character Lord of the ringsby Tolkien. Until then, Christophe Desneuil practiced making roses or symmetrical patterns, which roofers sometimes have fun with in their spare time. Following Sauron, you will follow a 34-sided soccer ball, a Japanese maple custom to decorate the tombstone and a replica of the wolf-headed mask of Bloodhound, one of the heroes of Game of thrones. “I told myself there was a way forwardHe says. Before that, I always thought I was more physical than artistic. »

Christophe Desnoelly wears a zinc prototype of the wolf-headed mask from Le Limier, one of the main heroes of the

His passion for manga will catch up with him. rooted reader piece – but also Dragon BallAnd the NarutoAnd the whiteningAnd the Tokyo GhoulAnd the Titans attacketc. This father of three begins crafting weapons, statues, and masks drawn directly from his favorite series. Always in zinc. His tools are those he uses in his professional activity: folding machine, scissors, trimming hammer, soldering iron – the whole art is to assemble pieces of zinc plates in order to obtain a harmonious bend.

Mr.’s approval

After his first 1.80-meter Luffy in “Snake Man” mode (the name of a fighting style), Christophe Desnoyel recently dealt with a version of “Joy Boy” Luffy (the enigmatic double of the hero), which required three hundred hours of work – mainly at night: “I have hyperactivity disorder that can leave me awake for three days in a row. As long as this problem is for something.”

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