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Estrogen is a naturally occurring hormone in women that is involved in ovulation. What is his role? What are the withdrawal symptoms? And in case of excess? What remedies (natural or medicinal) in case of deficiency? Point with Dr. Odile Bagot, gynecologist.

It is secreted by the ovaries, adrenal cortex, testicles and placenta, Estrogen is the primary sex hormone Who belong to the group Steroids. The Three natural estrogen be:

→ estrogen is determining In the incidence of female secondary sexual characteristics During puberty: development of the breasts and modification of the anatomy of the vulva. Estrogen is also involved in stimulating breast milk production.

→ From a gynecological point of view, estrogen has a very important role in the environment and Vaginal comfort. They make it possible in particular to avoid vaginal dryness and give good nourishment to the vagina. “The food of the vagina also depends on its flora and therefore on lactobacilli, which feed on estrogen.” Dr. says. Odelle Bagot.

→ During the menstrual cycle, estrogen levels are very high during ovulation. They are actually responsible for Secretion and good quality of ovulation mucusNecessary to allow sperm to reach the egg for fertilization

→ Estrogen allows Calcium binding to bones and improve joint comfort. It also has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, so it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and cardiovascular accidents.

→ Some studies reveal the positive effects of estrogen on cognitive functions with Possible lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

The ovaries secrete estrogen during the cycle.

→ estrogen Effect on thermoregulationThis is why estrogen is the hormonal treatment for menopause Elimination of hot flashes.

Estrogen does not have a special role in men. “However, you should know that drinks like Beer has an estrogenic effect And that men who start developing breasts have their breasts, too excess estrogen (Alcohol, large body fat, for example) or Testosterone deficiency As in adjuvant therapies for prostate cancer,” notes Dr. Odile Bagot.

The ovaries secrete estrogen during the cycle. “After menstruation, estrogen levels begin to rise To thicken the lining of the uterus And before ovulation, it becomes even more important because it will also contribute to the formation of ovulation mucus, Specialist reports. Estrogen is secreted from the follicle in which the egg is located and when this follicle matures, at the time of ovulation, it secretes a lot of estrogen and will open to release the egg Which will then be restored through the fallopian tube. If sperm passes and we do not protect ourselves, it can lead to pregnancy. In the second part of the cycle, that is, when the egg is expelled, This follicle turns into the corpus luteum that secretes progesteroneIn the treatment of infertility by ovarian stimulation, the dose of estradiol combined with ultrasound makes it possible to determine the optimal moment for ovulation stimulation because there is a proportionality between the number of mature follicles and the rate of estradiol.

There is no normal level of estrogen because it is very low in the pre-ovulatory period, and in the period of ovulation it is in the ceiling and then drops slightly. In women, it should be average 50 pg‘, explains the gynecologist.

Evolution of estrogen levels according to age

Evolution of estrogen levels according to age © designua – 123RF

Too much estrogen causes:

  • overweight,
  • breast pain,
  • headache,
  • fatigue,
  • The development of fibroids and endometriosis.

Since we don’t know how to reduce estrogen in case of excess, Adding progesterone to the balance. In homeopathy, we can regulate estrogen by administering follicles at high dilution (9, 12 or 15 channels) and increase progesterone by administering lutein at low dilution (5CH).Gynecologist advised. Even after menopause, there is still estrogen production in women, especially those with large body fat. As progesterone is no longer balanced, this persistent estrogen will stimulate endometrial tissue that can thicken and promote endometrial cancer.“.

During menopause, disorders such as Hot flashes, vaginal disorders (dryness), weight gain or mood disturbances May appear, in addition to an increase in The risk of osteoporosis. These disorders are related to estrogen deficiency. Hormone therapy for menopause (THM), makes it possible to compensate for this deficiency by administering estrogen hormones orally (estradiol) or percutaneously in order to compensate for the deficiency. “Although the sex drive hormone is testosterone, estrogen deficiency will also occur Small effects on libidoDr. Odile Bagot comments.

We do not measure estrogen level routinely because it is absolutely useless, The gynecologist warned. On the other hand, the dosage can be useful in certain circumstances, for example if a woman is undergoing treatment and presents Signs of estrogen deficiencywhere In the case of menopause in anorexia nervosa In order to see if it is necessary to add to itIn the case of an estradiol dose, this is done in different parts of the cycle depending on the indications: At the beginning of the cycle in infertility assessment or polycystic ovaries, in the pre-ovulatory period when monitoring for ovulation stimulation, any time a woman is in menopause either for loss of appetite or to assess the level of estrogen given during menopausal hormone therapy. The examination was carried out by A Blood test and without fasting.

In case of estrogen deficiency:

► If a young girl has anorexia for example, we will manage Contraceptive pills where Menopause hormonal therapy.

“When there is too much estrogen, the antidote is the antidote It’s progesterone We will always think in balance Estrogen – Progesterone. “

► “In cases of estrogen deficiency, natural estrogen, i.e. 17-beta-estradiol, should ideally be preferred transdermal in the form of a gel or patch, so that it does not pass through the liver and does not interfere with clotting factors. Dr. Odile Bagot notes. Thus, the risk of developing phlebitis does not increase. finally, Be careful with essential oils Because some have estrogenic effect. Remember that it is not used in cases of breast or endometrial cancer, as soy in large quantities.

Thanks to Dr. Odile Bagot, gynecologist, author of Vagin & Cie, We Tell You Everything, published by Mango.

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