Toulouse: Criminal Court, 73, sentenced to 7 years in prison for the death of her husband

In June 2020, in L’Union near Toulouse, Daniel, 72, died at the hands of his wife, who then attempted suicide. The High Garonne Criminal Court sentenced this woman to 7 years in prison. The public prosecutor had requested 12 years in prison.

In the trunk of the Haute-Garonne Assize Court, her hands often resting on her thighs, Martine looks elsewhere. Underneath her white hair, this 73-year-old woman explains that she committed murder. Does it explain itself? She fights with her memories, rather what’s left of her. Not much.

“This woman suffers from Kretschmer’s disease. An intense agony where it intersects, combining hypersensitivity, melancholy and depression,” warns his attorney, May Roman Scaporo. Psychiatric experts also retained a change in his distinction, but at the end of the investigation, the judiciary returned this long-ill pensioner to the criminal court.

On June 3, 2020 in L’Union, at the end of the first confinement, she shot her husband, who had serious heart and kidney problems. Fired twice, from a .22 long rifle, before aiming the rifle toward itself. She put the gun to her chest and opened fire. The bullet passed through the lung and crept through it, passing through a centimeter of the heart and vital arteries. After the shooting of Danielle, her husband with whom she shared her life, she tried to call emergency services, mistaking the numbers. Then she called her son.

In the criminal court bar, this man talks about a double punishment: “My father is dead, my mother has been in prison for two years.” When he arrived at the family ward this Wednesday, June 3, 2020, in the middle of the afternoon, “I realized that my mother was not in a normal state.”

Investigations by the Onon Brigade Gendarmerie, with the support of investigators from the Saint-Michel Brigade Research, showed, in particular, that this woman had not been taking her medication for several days. This interruption in treatment could explain his behavior.

Defense: “This woman wanted above all to end her life”

According to the Penal Code, her husband’s murder was liable to life imprisonment. Subject to the change kept by psychiatrists, the maximum sentence was reduced to 30 years. Prosecutor Mary Regner Pilate asked the jurors, most of whom were men, to serve 12 years in prison. And the representative of the Public Prosecution confirms, “given the seriousness of the act and the social abuse it represents.”

The defense did not challenge Martin’s guilt. “But it can only be examined in relation to the character of this woman, who has been ill for years, as Roman Scaporo believes to me. But also of her husband, also weakened by his health, and the paranoid victim of his wife who, above all, wanted to commit suicide, to end one’s life” .

After deliberation, the court sentenced Martin to 7 years in prison. A ruling by President Guillaume Russell, who presided over the tribunal, to close the latest case puts an end to more than 35 years in the service of justice.

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