Nabila transformed with a new super beautiful haircut!

Nabila recently surprised everyone with a new aesthetic look! The young woman appeared with a new cut to die for!

Nabila still surprises her fans. The young mother recently changed her look for an impromptu photo session. And the transformation is amazing. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Nabila is surprised with a new classy beauty look

After giving birth in June, Do you Nabila want change? Anyway, what makes us think of the young mother who suddenly changed her appearance!

We have always known Nabila with her long hair. Well, imagine that the beauty recently surprised everyone. Because she chose a new haircut that completely changed her.

To promote her cosmetics collection, Darling Thomas Vergara chose a gorgeous new look to die for. Milan’s mother chose Lianne, cast in a gorgeous crimson red dress Thick fringe across the forehead.

In addition, the beauty took care of collecting her hair In an elegant bun over the head. With this change, Nabila is still scoring points with her fans.

On Instagram where the photos were posted, this was unanimous. ‘Great in red’, ‘Very very beautiful’, ‘always very elegant’Beautiful more than beautiful I love it »His fans commented.

a few weeks after giving birth, Sister of Tariq bin Attia So he returned to the top to the delight of his fans. Nabila is not just a happy mother.

She is also a gorgeous businesswoman like her top star Kim Kardashian. This one follows in the footsteps of the famous influencer. after launch Her makeup brandNabila decided to switch to another sector.

The star kicks off the song?

In fact, the beautiful brunette has more than one streak in her bow. And I decided to embark on a big challenge soon. In fact, you could start singing… MCE TV tells you more.

Someone planning to leave Dubai soon has been spotted recently In the recording studio. It was her husband, Thomas, who gave the information to everyone.

He posted a video on July 7 showing his wife in a studio. rap music. ” I rap and tear up. And I’m talking about rap and desire. I’m a sexy chick, yeah. I am the rocket of the future. I’m a sexy chick, yeah, a little bombshell, and even a rocket”Can we hear him sing?

Is this a joke or is Nabila seriously trying to get into rap? At the moment, Vergara has not revealed anything about this strange musical project.

But we can trust Nabila, who knows better than anyone how to provoke the events of interest to her. If the beauty releases a music project, her fan community will be informed very quickly!

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