Nabila changed her haircut, the radical change makes the web react

by Sophie J.

– Posted on July 09, 2022 at 08:27

The beautiful Nabila is the center of attention after her second birth. Changing her haircut led to a fan reaction.

Since giving birth to her second child on June 5, Nabila Vergara has been at the center of discussions. The beautiful brunette continues to post photos on her Instagram, and does not hide that she is a happy mother. Her second son, Lian, is barely a month old, and the influencer is already shining. In fact, in her latest post, we can see her in a beautiful tight red dress, and matching lipstick display. She also wears a new haircut that did not fail to attract the attention of her subscribers! Yes, I decided Noble make a fuss !

Thomas Vergara’s beautiful wife continues to promote her beauty products. In fact, in this eye-catching post, it’s a lipstick you’ll want to talk about. Anyway, we would love to know the secret to her amazing appearance just one month after her second birth! reactions Noble fans Not long. In fact, her subscribers have posted many compliments within this Instagram post. Some say “Fabulous”And the “Exciting”And the “So perfect” or ” I love you “. One person writes: “Give a woman the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

This view is unanimous

In any case, we can say that the new haircut of Nabila Vergara pleases. It seems that all fans are defeated by this edge. It’s a big change for the influencer, who had very long, straight brown hair. Subscriber writes: “This hairstyle looks great on you.” Another person says: “Brilliant, more than beautiful, I love her.” Many comments say: ” Fabulous “ where “Fabulous”. It looks like the beautiful brunette made the right decision, at least if we listen to her followers. Nabila looks quite happy and satisfied in her current life. she’s taking shape Strong couple with Thomas For several years, she seems very happy with her two sons. Small family looks very happy, like a little cloud! However, the beauty does not forget to be feminine and take care of herself, as this post on Instagram shows.

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