Mendy: Domestic violence victim, goes to hospital 27 times in two years

On Thursday, July 7, his companion was found guilty by the Mendy Correctional Court.

The Mendy Correctional Court hears a new domestic violence case, Thursday, July 7. This time, the accused, a 20-year-old man, an economic and climate refugee from Cameroon, is on trial for routine violence followed by incapacity for more than eight days. His victim, who is also in his twenties, is originally from Guinea and enjoys subsidiary protection on the national territory.

Clean criminal record, but serious facts

To start, Chief Justice Anne Monene Michele provides a brief reminder of the facts that the defendant and the victim have known each other since 2019. However, the parties live apart. The former has her own residence, while the young woman lives in a parish building in Minde. A place where religious people also live. “On June 17, the victim filed a complaint at Mindi Police Station, The chief explains. She notes that on that day, when she was at home, you pulled her hair, and hit her several times in the face, even though she asked you to leave […]”

Indeed, this violence in 2020 could have started with recurring events in the following two years. The defendant would have threatened her, if she lodged a complaint, to force her to return to Cameroon. The investigation also revealed that the victim went to the emergency room at least 27 times. “It’s something you rarely see.”, says the president. While in police custody, the defendant partially acknowledged the facts, particularly those that occurred on 17 June. But he adds:She was the one who started hitting me and pulling my hair and I resisted it.” To which the President replied: “We will remember, sir, that you weigh 84 kg, that you are 1.87 meters and that you are boxing.” An imposing size facing a victim much smaller than him.

For her part, Deputy Attorney General Magali Espazi, during the indictment, returned to the various testimonies including that of the pastor. “We have many witnesses who claim to have witnessed this violence, indicate. […] The priest when he says – in supportive video – that the door, even if it was closed, moved in the face of violence. That you attacked the victim on several occasions by taking her in particular under your arm by force and that he had to get on his knees and beg you to stop. he is lying ?”

“Take me to the maid”

Then it is the victim’s turn to take a stand. Facing the presiding judge, she described the defendant as seemingly calm, but he can become violent when there are disagreements. “He thought I was the maid. In Africa, education means that a woman has to do everything. He never wanted to help me”as you say. “Why didn’t you end the relationship?” asks the chief. “He told me he would change”The young woman explains. The latter’s lawyer, Me Alain Dibandjo, adds: “He’s a fragile person (victim, editor’s note). I’ve been through things that morals forbid me to say in front of you. She suffered from them at the age of 13-14. So France granted him protection.” […] Today, you want to be protected. It is always difficult for a victim to pass through the door of the police station.” On the part of the defendant, his attorney, May Marie Laurie Chavin, pleads before these facts, for a conviction adapted to a past life where violence was almost normal. “He didn’t think it would hurt that bad.”as you say.

Finally, the Mendy Correctional Court follows, in part, the alternate attorney general’s requests to declare the defendant guilty. He was sentenced to twelve months’ imprisonment, six months of which were two years’ probation. He is also obligated to care and must repair the damage done to the victim. He is not allowed to call her or go to her house. He will also have to conduct an internship, at his own expense, on sexual and sexual violence. Finally, while the Public Prosecutor requested a five-year ban on travel to the national territory, the Court decided not to pursue this request.

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