Le Mesnil-Amelot: a violent companion sentenced to 30 months in prison

Sylvie* cried At the hearing, the president of the Mo Asc Court described her ordeal on Friday. For years, when her companion pursued her, the young woman curled up on the floor, in a corner: hair-pulling, strangling, head shaking in all directions, beating on walls, sexual practices suffered. The neighbors hear everything, especially at night, almost every night: loud noises, moving furniture, husband screams …

In the aftermath of the latest attack, which took place Friday night through Saturday, at the marital home located in Mesnil Amelot, Sylvie pushed the door of the Villeparisis police station. Cause Johann, a 36-year-old truck driver, was charged with habitual violence, carrying a gun and possessing two pots of cannabis. The stakes were high for him: The defendant, who had already been convicted of domestic violence in 2019, was a repeat offender.

“Physically, I didn’t touch it. They were big screaming matches. We really pushed each other, she really kept him. Mutilating herself. The defendant reassured with confidence from the box. President Emmanuel Tessander pressed him with questions, Johan did not break up and now that his companion was lying, Evoking his deteriorating mental health, “Is it to justify the breakup that she’s inventing this? asked the judge. Respondent in the affirmative. “How do you explain the neighbors’ statements? We don’t always have such a live survey in cases of domestic violence,” the president replied.

“Promise me he’ll change”

Sylvie sided with her attorney, Anne-Sophie Lance. “I confirm everything. It was at least once or twice a week. I never understood why, if it was according to his mood or if he didn’t wake up well. I have to get up at the same time as he does… If I don’t, he gets annoyed.” . . ,” she said, crying. And to elicit death threats: “I don’t know if these are just sayings for him, but it hurts.” The chief wanted to understand: “Why, in light of this hell, did you not leave? Sylvie told the trap: “We were in the dorm I got after the first procedure. He knows I’m ashamed to be back with him. He promised me he would change. I, stupidly…”

After the last assault, the young woman was convinced that he would leave the house according to the agreement between them. But she understood that he would not leave. I can no longer physically or mentally. The chief tried to awaken the accused’s awareness: What puts the woman in this situation? The person in question, who had been convicted in the past for violence against a first companion, replied: “I don’t know.” The Deputy Prosecutor Marguerite de Saint Vincent requested a 30-month prison term, of which 15 months was strict, with a referral note: “It is really disturbing to see That the defendant has never and has never developed since his conviction against his first mate. He was terrorizing the house.”

The task was particularly difficult for me, Jean-Christophe Ramadier, defense attorney, who denounced a highly incriminating case: “We are talking about horrific human things. To defend himself, my client only has his own awkwardness and very poor answers. Perhaps his companion has become the wrong thing, which we think he is. himself. He may have a weakness that has not healed. It is not an excuse, it is an explanation. We have to support him in his thinking.” Johann, who ended the hearing in tears before the judges were left to deliberate, was sentenced to 30 months in prison, 15 of which were closed. He was imprisoned after the session.

*Name changed

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