How to protect your hair from the sun in the summer

The sun is so good for morale and skin that we sometimes forget that it is especially powerful. Here are some tips to protect your hair from the rays.

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In moderate doses, the sun has beneficial effects on hair. In the summer, thanks to ultraviolet rays, the hair acquires natural reflections, more effectively helps to produce vitamin D and grow faster. But beware! With only calculated exposure.

If we do not think about adequately protecting our hair from the sun in the summer, the consequences can be unpleasant. As with the skin, hair that is too exposed will end up playing tricks on us.

Results can range from dry scalp, pH changes and the appearance of dandruff, to poor sebum regulation, which can lead to a breakdown of the roots and thus cause more hair to fall out than usual.

Explaining like this, it can be intimidating. But know that prevention and good gestures are there.

1. Wear a head covering

A straw hat, a hat, a bucket hat… Hats not only complement your style but are also perfect for protecting you from the hot summer sun.

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2. Apply protective products before exposure

Some hair products offer protection from harmful rays, as do sunscreen. These will protect your scalp from potential sunburn and prevent your hair from going through it as well.

3. Preparing our hair from shampoo

Seasons require different care. This applies to your hair as well. In summer, a fortifying moisturizing shampoo can help rebalance dry hair. We also consider applying a hair mask regularly to deeply nourish the hair.

4. Hair tie

Braids, ponytails, and buns can protect the hair because it will be less puffy and exposed to the sun. It is a good excuse to try new hairstyles.

5. Hydration

The key, for health and appearance, is to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps avoid the drying effects of the sun.

6. Apply vegetable oil

Some oils naturally tend to protect hair from the sun, and applying some to the hair before exposure can be beneficial and create a protective barrier. You can also apply the oil in the evening before going to bed for a depth effect.

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