Christoph Doerr, 27 years after his assassination, this amazing development

By Jacques Duplessy and Antoine Champagne


Twenty-seven years after the fisherman’s assassination, his widow was indicted. A cold can set fire to Massif Central.

For the Doire family, Christmas will never be a holiday. On December 25, 1995, at 9 am, two fishermen discovered a dead body in a frozen pit, hidden under branches along an administrative road in a place called Les Corres, near Busset, 13 kilometers from his home. The corpse lies headless. The gendarmes recognized him without difficulty: his wallet was left in his pocket. Christoph Doerr, a 28-year-old father, is a local kid. This is the start of a business that will last twenty-seven years. She seemed unsolvable, but now she’s going through an amazing transformation: Maria, Christophe’s wife, was arrested, charged with murder and imprisoned on June 30, after forty-eight hours in police custody.

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For a long time, the mother of the deceased Françoise and her brother Olivier struggled to bring out the truth. There is no significant progress. Bitter, they no longer believe in justice. “For twenty-five years, I have never met the judge! My brother was not a character, he is the son of nothing. Since we are small people, the investigation was carried out by small means and we obtained small results,” says Olivier Doerr. For his part, Anthony, Christophe’s son, protested, “How do we let my father’s killer live free? He may still reside near his crime scene. Maybe I meet him every day…” At the beginning of 2020, under pressure from the media, the prosecutor reinstated Eric Nephew opened this investigation, which has been closed several times. In the process, a special cell of fifteen gendarmes, including three investigators from the Department of Behavioral Sciences, was secretly created.

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Christoph Doerr Personal Questions. Many people wished him harm.

flash back. On December 16, 1995, Kristof came to watch a football match at his younger brother’s house. He leaves around 11:30 p.m. at the wheel of his Renault 18. No one will ever see him alive again. Early the next day, Françoise Doerr discovered her son’s car by chance in a car park in Cossett. “Two details alerted me immediately,” she says. The front of the car radio was never removed, and above all, his rifle was in the car when it was not unlocked. My son would never think of the worst. Another thing that bothers her: the car seat is pushed back as far as possible. Thus, the driver who stopped her in the parking lot was not Christophe, because his height is 1.67 meters … After a brief examination by the gendarmes, Renault 18 was immediately returned to his wife, Maria. DNA screening techniques at the time were still in their infancy, and it seems that the gendarmes did not take this disappearance seriously. Because Kristoff, who is focused on drinking, spends more time hunting than the matrimonial home. His reputation as a heavy flirt preceded him (investigators even mentioned sexual harassment within the company he works for). Evolution on the night of December 22 to 23: a Renault 18 was stolen in front of the family home and then found burned nearby. A strange coincidence.

After this apocalyptic December 25th, the investigators are finally busy. Who could have committed such a brutal murder? According to the brief report consulted by Paris Match, Christophe Doerr’s character is wondering. Many people wished him harm. The body was deposited at a place known to be a springboard for fishermen. Between Christoph’s disappearance and the discovery of the body, a week passed. An autopsy reveals that his death occurred on the evening of his disappearance or the following day. Examinations also show that the body was left in the trench shortly before it was discovered. Where was it stored in the meantime? Has it been frozen? The medical examiner also found that the head had been cut off very cleanly after death. The surprising result, in the end, is that the body has completely bled: the forensic report states that there is no blood, including in the ventricles of the heart. Decapitated and devastated like a monster. Investigators get lost in guesswork. Would Christoph Doerr have been shot and did the killer want to avoid ballistic expertise? Then the clues converge on a crime committed by a fisherman or meat specialist.

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Christoph and Maria met at the age of fourteen and married at the age of twenty under pressure from the father of the young woman who was pregnant at the time.

Investigators noted, for example, that the parents owned a cold room and that the father was a former employee of a slaughterhouse. The path quickly gave way. Olivier, the victim’s brother, was immediately acquitted. Finally he ignored the premise of settling accounts associated with the industrial butchery company Sobovidé, of which Christophe was an employee. The president, involved in the meat trade, had ordered the attack on union whistleblowers. Suspicion fell on Dominique Millet, an intimate fisherman with whom Olivier had fallen out. He has a motive: he scolds Kristoff for his restraint and no longer hunts with him. Above all, there is a dispute opposing them regarding a hunting dog of exceptional taste, Flora. Olivier Doerr reveals: “His ability to spot game caused jealousy among other hunters and especially Maillet.” He wanted to get the dog back at all costs and use it as foil. »

Two days before the murder, Flora was robbed while Kristoff and Maria were shopping. Witnesses had seen the animal in a 4×4, as Dominique Mayet. Quite strangely enough, the day after Christophe died, Flora reappeared in her house while Maria was away. Having denied Miley in front of investigators, he will confess to being the author of the package: he wanted to “teach Kristof a lesson.” Maillet lies repeatedly to investigators who confuse him. But the searches did not yield anything conclusive. He will never be charged. However, the rumor will make life difficult for him. In the village, Dominique Mayet is treated as a victim of the plague and earns the nickname “Couic-couic”. His sister calls him “the head cutter” and accuses him of the murder in 2002, and he reopened the investigation, which was then closed.

At that time, suspicion also fell on the wife of Christoph Doerr. According to relatives, the couple was suffering. Christoph and Maria met at the age of fourteen and married at the age of twenty under pressure from the father of the young woman who was pregnant at the time. The relationship soured over the years. Kristoff drank, constantly ran away from hunting, sometimes beat his wife. Maria began divorce proceedings in 1993, before she interrupted her. On December 4, 1995, during an argument, he beat her. Her face is bruised and concealed by her workplace, the dairy company Comalait. Testimonies of colleagues, collected by investigators, confirm that Maria is no longer happy with Kristoff. She even said she hates him. Although they still lived under the same roof, the couple had a separate room.

How can a sick woman behead a corpse and transport it to the forest?

There are many details that interest the gendarmes. It took Maria a long time to warn them, forty-eight hours after Christoph had disappeared. What do you think of this incident, which almost cost the life of her husband already? On the day of his disappearance, Maria accidentally dropped a hair dryer in the bathtub where he was taking a shower. He miraculously got out of it with some burns, an adventure he’d tell his brother about. Maria confirmed to police that the couple reconciled last weekend. As evidence, she indicated that they had just signed the joint purchase of a car.

Two years ago, the director of the preliminary investigation cleared Maria of all doubts: “Due to the nature of the crime and the physical fragility of the wife, it would have required the complicity of a third person … she found nothing. Supposedly Kristoff returned home without waking his wife. He changed and left. Very early the next morning. The neighborhood survey did not report any suspicious screams or movements in the apartment on the night of December 16 to 17. This assumption was hard to bear. »
Since the dark Christmas of 1995, Maria has settled with her son in Haute-Loire, in Briaud, near Essoire. She married and had two more children before the divorce. Her second husband refuses to speak. Anthony, born from his marriage to Christoph Doerr, criticizes his uncle for his cruelty that led to Maria’s imprisonment: “Innocent or not, she is my mother. »

“Do you realize that if she was the culprit, she would have hugged my brother’s killer a hundred times?” Olivier Doerr screamed after announcing the questioning of his ex-wife’s sister. He says he is shocked by his nephew, whom he trained for a long time in football, but refuses to say more: “I must be heard as a witness on July 22, save my words to the judge.” Will Maria’s path succeed? During his press conference, the prosecutor claimed that he collected “serious and compatible” items and found “disguised items” in Maria’s home. He was brought before a judge, presumption of his innocence, and the latter denied any involvement in the murder. As the chief inquisitor pointed out at the time, Maria, who was too frivolous, could not have committed this crime alone. Prosecutor Nephew ensures that investigations continue. Other charges cannot be excluded. Since Maria’s imprisonment, Dominique Maiet, nicknamed “Couic-couic”, continues to proclaim his innocence in the village. 

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