Baldur’s Gate 3: Play Gnome Bard with silky hair

It’s been a while since its early release, but it’s undeniable that Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to evolve, grow, and improve with each update. Larian Studios is now in Patch 8, demonstrating its efforts, with regular additions. We have to admit that creating an AAA title with all the rich content of Dungeons & Dragons 5 is not an easy task.

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Unveiled during Panel of Hell, and accompanied by a performance by Metal Band Hunter, Update 8 introduces long-wanted items, including the Bard class. It’s the Jack of all-trades class, perfect for players who want to be able to do it all, even if they don’t excel in combat. The poet can cast spells, inspire his allies, use many skills and of course perform in order to attract or impress his audience. It is also the ultimate layer for insulting enemies. Bard has two subcategories, with radically different specializations:

Valor College

This subcategory is more combat oriented. The Bards of the College of Valor learn skills that make them strong enough to fight on the front lines of battle while allowing them to support and inspire their allies.

Signature feature: Battle inspired

  • Inspire an ally with your courage
  • They can add a +1d6 bonus to their next attack roll, skill check, or saving throw.
  • They can also choose to add a +1d6 bonus to their next weapon’s attack damage, or a +4 bonus to their Armor class for one attack.

Knowledge College

Bards of the College of Knowledge seek to gather knowledge wherever they go, and use their eloquence and magical abilities to confuse and weaken their enemies while encouraging and inspiring their allies.

Signature feature: sharp words

  • Use your mind to distract a creature and undermine its confidence.
  • He suffers a 1d6 penalty for the attack disc and checks the skills and damage he takes until the start of the next turn.

The studio reported that it recorded at least 97 different insults, made to order so they could be used for any occasion. Some may criticize the racial insults of the poets who mock the small size of the imps and the color of their skin.

Baldur Gate 3

Contents of Patch 8: About Courage and Tradition

The update is not limited to a new class, or even a new race. Here is a list of what’s new.

  • recital capacity : Instruments can be used by any class with relentless achievement at level 4. Play songs wherever you want, but be prepared for some NPCs to interact with your performance or even decide to join you. If they really appreciate your musical talents, they might decide to reward you for that as well.
  • New playable race – gnomes Adventurous and dynamic, curious and small in stature, Gnomes is the first new race to be added to Baldur’s Gate 3 since its launch in Early Access. The highlight of the gnomes is their great intelligence, which makes them the perfect race to play mage for example.
  • AI . squadron : Minor enemies such as the castle, such as animals and orcs, are now grouped together. They move and attack together, making the fighting experience faster and smoother in larger battles. You will no longer spend 3 hours waiting during the Battle of Goblin Camp.
  • killcams : Long-range critical strikes now use combat cameras. Just like in Sniper Elite, you will be able to enjoy magic arrows and missiles as they pierce the skulls of your enemies. Nothing is as interesting as violence and death.
  • Enhanced hairstyles : L’Oréal may have had its start on the Sword Coast, where residents now have sleeker hair and hairstyles. The display of hairstyles has been improved, including the use of a new display model for shadow effects. Swipes and grays have also been added to the character editor.

Other improvements have been made, with greater stability in multiplayer, and the game being translated into Brazilian Portuguese.

Baldur Gate 3

It’s hard to say what’s next in Baldur’s Gate 3, but there are a few standout contenders, which players have been clamoring for for years now. For example, the Paladin and Monk class are still missing. There are also quite a few missing races of cast, such as the famous demigods.

For the record, the full version of Baldur’s Gate 3 is scheduled to be released in 2023 on PC.

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