Active & Organic Beauty Routine for the Best of Arizona Muse

American model Arizona Muse leans back for the planet and her two children while adopting an effective and organic beauty routine. Concerned about the origin of the ingredients, they are in the process of creating a dynamic, dynamic farm on their new property in the Balearic Islands. One of the reasons why she became the first global sustainability ambassador for Aveda.

– I He woke up…around 7:30 a.m. Ideally, I slept late until 9:30, but I have two kids, a job, and a husband, and I’ve never had a chance to allow myself that much fun.

– I never today…by washing my face with Weleda Purifying Willow Bark Cleansing Gel. Then I brush my teeth with charcoal toothpaste and a bamboo toothbrush.

– to me breakfast… I drink black tea with milk and sugar.

– Mine Secret in the bathroom…is putting a ton of intense botanical repair mask on my hair:
Rich from Aveda. Once I shower, I wash my entire body with a vegetable sponge and exfoliate the soles of my feet with a pumice stone. It’s a great experience that leaves me feeling refreshed.

– I take hair care…using Aveda Nutriplenish Shampoo and Conditioner, then drying them with my favorite turban towel by Phillip Lim for Aveda.

– The Best beauty tip Which I received… comes from my mother. She advised me from a young age not to pluck my eyebrows too much. I didn’t take it into account right away and had some disaster, but today I take this recommendation very seriously.

– The A product I can’t love withoutR… is Aveda’s Intense Styling Spray. Brings maximum volume to fine hair thanks to Aloe Vera and Certified Organic Wheat Amino Acids. I love the fragrance that combines jasmine, rose, carnation and other pure flower and plant extracts.

– Mine makeup routine… Maison Made Biodynamic Face Oil is used as a moisturizer under Ilia’s foundation. Then I apply La Bouche Rouge makeup to the cheeks, eyes, and lips using the brand’s signature Japanese-made wooden brushes.

– greatest beauty discovery…a few drops of rosehip oil mixed with your foundation for a radiant look.

– Mine lunch… a delicious green omelet with chives and green onions. I am not a foodie.

– in My fridge and my kitchen cabinets…there is only organic and biodynamic. I am very proud of the time, energy and money I dedicate to renewable agriculture. I know it’s a luxury not available to all families, and I’m so grateful to be able to do so. With DIRT, the charity I founded, I aspire to democratize access to vital products.

– I look in the mirror I see…problems! Although I know as a model that I am an objectively beautiful woman, my brain only sees my flaws. It is undoubtedly associated with the dictates of beauty.

– Mine gym routine It is… Pilates twice a week, swimming and hot yoga once a week. In a perfect world of course! I probably won’t be able to do this until my kids are older and more independent.

– Mine way to relax…essential oils and “everything is fine, even if the worst happens, life goes on” thoughts. I find this sentence to be especially important for getting rid of negative thought patterns. Along the same lines, “Be kind to yourself” is a great mantra. When I show kindness, I am more productive and everything flows around me smoothly!

– Mine favorite fragrance IS… the fragrance emanating from Vyrao perfumes, which is mood-enhancing and infused with crystals. Magnetic Mine 70 that provides protection, clarity of mind and openness to the world!

– Mine evening rituals It is… a real kata. I would love to have one, but my three-year-old daughter’s bedtime routine has taken over her bedtime routine. I hardly have time to brush my teeth!

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