12 Marion Cotillard-inspired hairstyle ideas to emulate this summer!

With her simple and sophisticated style, French actress Marion Cotillard is ahead of the curves in the hair world and breaking new trends! In our current article, our editors decipher her most popular hairstyles that all girls would like to adopt. From her emblematic square to her free, airy hair at the Cannes Film Festival, Marion Cotillard permeates the 2022 hairstyle trend without faults! Here are the 12 hairstyles to steal from without further ado this summer.

The Hairstyle Trend of 2022 Inspired by Marion Cotillard: 12 Hairstyles to Choose From This Summer!

Why get inspired by Marion Cotillard’s hairstyles for the futuristic hairstyle trend of 2022? Our editors will answer you right away! The haircuts of the famous actress defend the natural and well-groomed look, which is very easy to imitate by every girl. Whether it’s a square in a few chic hues, a wavy ponytail or loose hair… the Oscar-winning actress prefers soft transitions that are easy to handle. to focus!

Asymmetric bob for perfectly fine hair

Marion Cotillard Short Hair With Asymmetric Square Bangs Fine Hair New Hairstyle Trend 2022

Ah, the bob has cut it all – the never-ending hairstyle whose many variations allow each girl to find the one that suits her. When it comes to copying Marion Cotillard’s flawless hair style, we recommend choosing her ultra-lightweight, asymmetrical bob that proves to be perfect for summer days. With or without bangs, totally soft or a little wavy… Customize this summer 2022 hairstyle trend as you see fit!

Ponytail with bangs to counter the heat wave this summer

Mid-Long Woman Hairstyle 2022 Marion Cotillard Ponytail Haircut With Bangs

In the face of a heat wave, a question might come to mind: “How do I do my hair when it’s hot?” So, how about the Marion Cotillard hairstyle pictured above: a well-made ponytail on medium length hair accompanied by a side bang. However, it is best to omit the latter during a heat wave to avoid heavy sweating on the forehead. Having bangs is more Oiliness is another downside to avoid at all costs.

To further enhance your hairstyle in the trends of 2022, our editors recommend wearing light makeup to avoid ruining your look during heat bouts. To prevent panda eyes and shiny skin, please refer to our makeup tips during the heat wave.

XXL cake for an elegant evening in hot weather

Marion Cotillard Summer Hairstyle 2022 XXL Bun with Jewel

A heat wave often proves to be a huge obstacle to getting the perfect hairstyle, especially in case of a formal occasion that you cannot afford to miss. To avoid missteps, opt for the XXL knot inspired by Marion Cotillard whose mischievous, yet sophisticated style promises to turn heads. Feel free to decorate your hair with a cute and adorable gem depending on the event you are going to attend.

Women’s Short Hairstyle 2022: French Square Bob Style

Short Haircut Women 2022 Marion Cotillard French Trend Summer Heat Wave Bob Hairstyle

Smooth and airy, the 2022 bob short cut will be a real hit this season! If you want to try something new and fun this summer, take the plunge and adopt the very short French Bob. You will not regret your choice!

Marion Cotillard’s hairstyle at Cannes 2022

Marion Cotillard Cannes 2022 Hairstyle Trend 2022 Chanel Natural Hair Loss

Here’s a simple yet elegant suggestion for cool summer evenings, allowing you to relax your hair. At the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, the 46-year-old actress looked radiant in a Chanel mini dress and black ankle boots from the same brand. She decided to let her hair fall freely for a soft, natural look.

The mysterious square for a fresh look that smells of summer

Short Hairstyle Trend Woman 2022 Short Hair with Bangs on the Side Marion Cotillard Hairstyle

Marion Cotillard’s short hair with bangs is styled into a loose, relaxed bob that instantly lends a fresh and youthful touch to every body shape. To dare with your eyes closed!

Cannes Film Festival 2022: Marion Cotillard lets her hair fall naturally

Marion Cotillard Hairstyle at Cannes 2022 Loose Natural Hair Trends 2022

This summer 2022 hairstyle trend calls for bangs on the curtains, just like Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard Hairstyle Summer 2022 Slightly Curly With Waves And Drape Bangs

Short, slightly wavy hair for a light summer

Marion Cotillard Short Hair with Bangs on the Side Summer Hairstyle Trend Idea 2022

Marion Cotillard’s curly ponytail is perfect for heat waves

Marion Cotillard curly hair in a summer ponytail 2022

Bold girls love the XXL cake this summer

Marion Cotillard formal hairstyle chignon XXL hairstyle idea

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