Scheana Shay reveals her solution to postpartum hair loss

Scheana Shay has found a solution to her “greatest insecurities”.

Being aware of her hairline for years, the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star is totally desperate after she started experiencing postpartum hair loss after giving birth to her one-year-old daughter Summer Moon in April 2021.

But she’s since got a bunch of products that help: Nutrafol hair growth supplements and Me Cosmetics Ultimate Coverage Scalp Foundation ($60).

“I feel so confident in my hair game again,” Shay, 37, said exclusively to Page Six Style Thursday in Beverly Hills, while celebrating her new role as the first brand ambassador for Me Cosmetics.

Opening up about the root of the problem, she said, “If you watch the show, you know I have a good side and I have a bad side…My hairline usually goes to the right side. So it always bothered me.”

But Shay started noticing losing her “good side” about five months after giving birth to Summer, and she told us her makeup artist would use whatever cosmetics on hand to camouflage hair loss in order to get buds. “Vanderpump Rules”.

Brooke Davis and Chyna Shay pose for a photo with their daughter, Summer Moon
Shay said her hair started falling out five months after her daughter was born.
Chyna / Instagram

For 20 years, Me Cosmetics founder and CEO Camille Barreto (who has hereditary hair loss) has done the same thing: apply eyeshadow and hope for the best.

Unhappy with the results, she and her dermatologist dedicated years of research and development to creating the first-ever pressed powder foundation that used rich, reflective color to conceal bald spots and create the appearance of long hair.

Camille Barretto, Sheena Shay and Bernie Zellio speak in this interview
Shay has always been insecure about her “uneven” hairline.
Bobby Couillard

When Shay heard about the product—which comes in six colors ranging from dark brown to pure white—it seemed to answer her calls.

“I was like, ‘Wait, I’m sorry, is this a scalp primer? Score me!’”

Close-up of ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation
Powder foundation conceals bald spots and gives the appearance of more hair.
Bobby Couillard

The veteran reality star added that speaking openly about his concerns – even the hairiest – is simply part of his job.

“People can relate to the things we go through, to real human experiences: postpartum, hair loss, whatever,” she said.

“That’s why I talked about my miscarriage. There are a lot of things that we [as women] The experience, and if we talk about it, I think it really helps people.

Camille Barretto and Chyna Shay in a photo together
Tea standing with Me Cosmetics founder and CEO Camille Barreto.
Bobby Couillard

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