Police appeal to witnesses

On Friday, the gendarmerie broadcast a call for witnesses bearing a picture of the man “suspected of committing the crime”, after the killing of two teachers on Monday in the Haute-Pyrenees region.

Investigators from the research department in Toulouse set up a hotline, at 05 62 34 81 93, to collect testimonies “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

Cedric Tolligen, 34, is suspected of murdering Gabriel Formige and Aurelie Bardon, their husband, on Monday in Boyastruk (Hautes-Pyrenees) near Tarbes. The man, described as European-type, athletic, with glasses and clean-shaven hair, 1.75 meters tall, is a fugitive and is still in high demand, in France and Spain.

This factory worker in the Pyrenees Atlantic, wearing blue jeans and a dark leather jacket at the time of the facts, refers to the gendarmerie in their call for witnesses.

Active research in France and Spain

His motorcycle was found on Wednesday in Jaca, Aragon, on the Spanish side of the border, according to a source close to the investigation.
Spanish police said on Friday they had “nothing new”. And the search for Jaca continues, “the device is still active,” according to the same source, without further details. “Nothing allows the state to favor the hypothesis that the individual is still alive or dead,” said Cecil Jinsack, the Pau attorney general, where the file was transferred.

The gendarmes also cross the land in a wide area, around Barbazan Desos, the city in which the spouses who were in the process of divorce resided, as well as in the neighboring provinces.

“We still have 80 gendarmes from the Haute-Pyrenees group and the mobile gendarmerie as reinforcements present in the area, and extensive searches are underway on the other side of the border,” he told AFP on Friday. Colonel Laurent Lachtre, Commander of Toulouse Real. “We are looking for him on both sides,” he stressed.

Opening a judicial investigation into the “assassinations”

Gabriel Formigy, 55, and Aurelie Bardon, 32, were respectively physical education and French teachers at College Desaix, located in downtown Tarbes. The public prosecutor in Tarbes noted in a press conference on Tuesday that the two teachers who were shot dead on Monday “have become emotionally closer in recent weeks during a school trip.”

Opening a judicial investigation while maintaining the label “assassinations”.

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