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German photographer Max Siedentopf produced twenty duplexes, commemorating side-by-side frozen desserts and assorted motifs, painted by his partner Leana Ardeleanu.

Freedom from the photographers

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“It was winter and I was happily thinking about my first ice cream of summer when I came up with the idea for this chain,” Max Siedentopf says when asked about “pleasure portraits” (“pleasure portraits”). to ask “What did you do before and after this series apart from the Gucci campaigns?” , One by one answer: “I depicted people with watermelon heads, models flying around a room, lots of animals, families sitting in trees, giant feet crashing into a ceiling…” But let’s get back to those ice cream cravings. Last spring, the 30-year-old German artist of all professions (fashion photographer but also visual artist, sculptor, art director or even magazine publisher) put together a series of twenty double models that could best be described as Frozen.

The make-up inspired by the mirror facing them covers the faces of the characters whose characters we can almost guess: the old pink-faced man looks shy and gentle, the woman with black eyelids to the hair looks manipulative, as for the one who decorates her head with a green and white swirl, she looks more naive, as if infatuated bad spell. The binaries suggest that every face has changed after eating the ice cream associated with it, like when you eat those sweet treats that give you a blue tongue.

To work on the aesthetics of his characters, Max Siedentopf collaborated with makeup artist Leana Ardeleanu, who created each face by drawing it on her tablet using a special app. You remember photographing: “We took all the pictures in two days in a studio in Berlin. Max photographed the mirrors between model shots. For me, I sometimes spent an hour applying makeup with latex, glue and face paint. Then, in two minutes, the picture was painted and I then had to remove the makeup as hard as possible. Speed.

Max Seydentov explains it for his part “His biggest challenge was to shoot before the ice started to melt.” The two artists chose ice cream sticks and cones from a supermarket. Their choice was inspired by the shape and color of the products. “We picked a lot of green dye,” Leana Ardeleanu notes. To remind us of the green of the huge chewing gum that covers Louis de Funes in the legendary scene of the adventures of Rabbi Jacob.

“Pleasure Portraits” series, by Max Siedentopf, with Leana Ardeleanu in makeup.

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