No more long hair, its drastic change Sami!

Vitaa loves to share with his fans on networks social. There is no doubt that if it were up to her, she would share everything with her subscribers. But Objeko You get to know him, she already shares a lot. They also remain visible on social networks and their excesses. So she doesn’t risk revealing her kids’ faces on the web, for example.

On the other hand, in relation to her, Vita does not refuse anything. His status as a singing star allows him to finally dare everything. And while it’s not that expensive, it risks exposing itself to the judgments of its subscribers. In fact, Objeko Have no fear that netizens are not a big fan of change. Therefore, by revealing her new haircut, the singer has risked attracting some criticism.

But if you follow Vitaa on her Instagram account, you can see that it was a huge hit! Suleiman’s friend has taken his best shot at gorgeous clothes thus unveiling his new haircut. All while specifying that she was celebrating summer. The least we can say is that netizens were at the party.

Vitaa changes his appearance and his fans are occupied

The singer has been at the forefront of the music scene for many years now. But this does not mean that she can count on her achievements. Because, let’s remember, Vita was a passionate artist before she became a professional or aspiring artist. Perhaps that is why she managed to stay on top for so long. And certainly also what allows him to keep his feet on the ground despite success.

In fact, it can be difficult for many to manage success and fame. A love of singing is not necessarily a love for taking pictures, giving interviews, or finding divided facts and gestures in the press. However, Vita knew how to put his simplicity and sincerity into the banners to avoid getting caught up in the business side of his job.

Thus, she does not prevent herself from appearing in amazing clothes. Or to give interviews, provide more or less personal information. In fact, she has created a unique and precious relationship between her and her fans. Thus, its social networks are a distinct carrier of communication. On Instagram, Vita announced to her fans that she was expecting her third child, for example.

Just as simple, but obviously not the same sentiment, she introduced her new haircut to her fans! Objeko I promise it fits him perfectly!

Goodbye extensions, hello long bob!

So Vitaa celebrates summer by forgetting about her extensions and adopting the long square. This haircut is back in fashion and it’s true that it highlights the star’s face. Her new haircut is also supposed to be wavy and everything indicates that her highlights have faded. Summer sun is obligatory, our star singer is more than ever in tune with the times in style. And what about her clothes? Fans of the singer are clapping for her look, they admire everything about the star from head to toe!

In the comments it is also possible to find Amel Bent or Demdem. They both validate Vitaa’s hair choice and send her warm regards. But the most beautiful messages are the messages of the singer’s lovers. They follow each other and express the same idea. But they compete in creativity to stand out. Because, given some of the luckiest netizens’ comments, the star takes time to respond.

Firmly, it is impossible to find the slightest fault in Vita. And what’s even more appreciative of her fans is that she clearly doesn’t force herself to make them smile. It is her happiness that grows when she knows that her fans are satisfied in short. A beautiful balance that many celebrities envy. So again, all our congratulations to Vita for her new haircut. For this tall square that refines her face and her light locks that brighten her complexion. All while reminding, without saying a word, that summer is here and it’s very hot!

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