Hairdressing some solutions to eliminate dandruff from the hair of the residents of Brussels

Dandruff, once it appears, makes some people uncomfortable because, from an aesthetic point of view, it’s not pleasant.

Sometimes dandruff sufferers worry because they think it’s an infection. Without serious consequences, it can be easily eliminated by taking care of your scalp with dedicated products like those of the brand. Kerastase. Here are some solutions to get rid of dandruff that appears on the scalp.

Anti-dandruff solutions

Dandruff, which is actually a patch of dead skin on the scalp, comes from a disruption of the skin cell replacement cycle. There are natural solutions and effective treatments to eliminate it.

natural solutions

To eliminate dandruff, the first thing to do is to determine the cause of dandruff on the scalp. After that, it will be necessary to remove the presence of this cause.

Another solution is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended to use as little shampoo as possible and rinse your hair with cold water. As for the food to adopt, it should be rich in antioxidants. After that, it is necessary to avoid alcohol, especially tobacco. Those who avoid beanies and hats as much as possible are less likely to develop dandruff.

Dandruff Treatments

The use of some products is effective in eliminating dandruff. Care must be taken to ensure that these remedies are suitable for dandruff.

· Apple cider vinegar : Mixed with water, then placed on the skull and left to dry for a quarter of an hour. Finally, you have to rinse it off.

· Coconut Oil : Put a small amount on the scalp and massage it and wait as long as possible. After that, you have to rinse it off with plenty of shampoo.

· aspirin : crushed, it must be mixed with water to obtain a paste. Then pass the paste over the skull, wait 15 minutes and rinse until done.

· Yogurt : Rinse. Then put natural yogurt on the skull and massage gently and wait about 30 minutes. Finally, rinse and repeat over several days.

· Anti-dandruff shampoo : Recommended for dry dandruff. The head should be treated with this type of shampoo in order to get rid of dandruff. For oily dandruff, it is recommended to use a treatment based on the antifungal salicylic acid for about 10 days or twice a week.

Causes of dandruff

Dandruff does not appear on the scalp due to lack of hygiene. Dandruff often appears in the hair as a result of regular itching of the head due to the itchy scalp. But the presence of dead skin can also be due to some skin diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis, eczema. Note that factors such as hormonal imbalance, seasonal changes or psychological conditions (stress, fatigue, anxiety) can be the source,

There are habits that are also responsible for causing dandruff. It has to do with smoking tobacco, a bad diet, frequent blow-drying, overuse of gel, hairspray, and dryer.

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