“from bad to worse”

For several days, Jessica Thevenin was upset. The influencer and star nominee for W9’s Apprentis Aventuriers intern discovered that a hole had appeared in her hair…

Poor Jessica Thevenin! After experiencing tragic moments with the complicated birth of her two children, Maylon and YuanThe Marseille star is at his worst again. In fact, the influencer found out about it for several daysA hole appeared in his hair. Alopecia areata? Hair loss due to stress? simple pass? Thibaut Garcia’s companion knows nothing of him and is under suspicion.

Jessica Thevenin is worried and exhausted

Things are not going well this morning. I got up and realized I had a hole in my hair! I have a bald hole and don’t know why. I searched Google early in the morning. They say alopecia areata or stress. I live it very poorly! It seems I just see it. I don’t understand what’s going on…

She explained this week before revealing a “hole” above her forehead. Annoyed, followed by celebrities More than 6 million Internet users on Instagram I decided to see a doctor. This Saturday, June 11, 2022, Jessica Thevenin didn’t necessarily deliver very reassuring news to her community. After telling them she has it now Treatment based on cream and nutritional supplementsThe brothers revealed that she is from “is getting worse” And they “can’t see any more”.

On vacation in Mykonos for Stephanie Durant’s birthday

Fortunately, Jessica Thevenin will be able to change her mind this weekend. to celebrate Her best friend Stephanie Durant of 31 years, The star flew to Mykonos in Greece with her close band. In these few days without kids, Jessica has decided to spend quality time with her best friend, Benjamin Samat, Flo Andre, Maddie Borciaga, Theo Sugio, and Stephanie Durant.

Staying with friends that allowed the young mother to do so Falling asleep for the first time in months.With Tibaut we slept until noon. This is madness. We didn’t do this because I don’t even know whenI rejoiced. What makes him forget his hair problems? This is all we wish for him.

For fans of Jessica Thivenin, the reality TV influencer and candidate still on the show Beginner adventurers It airs every evening, Monday through Friday, at 7:50 p.m. on W9. Will you win the competition? suspense!

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