“Being weak is the most beautiful thing”

PARIS – ‘I cried a lot while making this collection’: Designer Julien Fournié presented the image of a sexy and ‘very vulnerable’ woman in response to the pandemic, war and the rise of extremism, at his haute couture show on Tuesday.

After presenting his collections in flashy movies during the health crisis, the French fashion designer returned to the catwalks for the first time on Tuesday, with a presentation that he wanted to be “healing” in the face of “the despair of our times.”

“I’m celebrating this comeback with something very dark,” he says. He admits: “I took a heavy blow to myself after this period of Covid. (…) I almost closed my house.”

Jellyfish and Manta Ray

The theme of the collection is “Light in the middle of nothingness. You can feel it in the embroidery, the motifs. The goal is to find the light that is in the darkness.” The show at the Bridge, a Parisian nightclub under the Pont Alexandre III, takes place almost in small commission. “I don’t want a people dimension anymore,” he said in an interview with AFP at his workshops while casting, “It’s time to highlight my job.”

After two years of absence and virtual experiences, he did not hide his emotions to find the physical scene. “If a girl falls, she falls and everyone sees. In the movie, if she falls and there’s a problem with the dress, you reshoot,” he says. “I’m so happy to be back on the podium, and at the same time, it’s as if I’ve forgotten to ride my bike, like I’ve lost all my sewing habits.” “It puts you at risk, but it makes you relearn your job,” says the stylist.

The music is sexy, the girls, who wear long dresses sculpted in figures, are a little strange with their shaggy hair and dark green lipstick. Manta rays and jellyfish evoke the colors and elements of some dresses to evoke fascination and awe.

Julian Forney (via Laparte)

“The right to be sexy”

And as a movie buff, watch “difficult” movies like “Alien”, “The Silence of the Lambs” or “Seven” for costume design. As in many of the collections this season, most of the looks are very sexy, with transparent toys and plenty of openings on the body. “It’s a very sexy set. Normally, I don’t,” Julien Fournié supposes.

A reaction, for him, to the rise of religions, sectarianism: “We are a secular country and we are tired of this stasis in the human body. I think that in France, we still have this freedom to guarantee that it is sexy or naked!”, He is carried away. “It’s an anti-extremist group,” he declared, arguing that the modesty of dress brought about by the Metoo movement was also part of the extremism. “To show the body in our time is to be weak. And to be weak is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us.”

Julian Forney (via Laparte)

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