In the last years, Silver hair is on the rise Even the stars go into it! Sharon Stone, Meryl Streep, Eva Longoria… They all don’t hesitate to come out with gray locks, or even all-white hair, and they all have the same peculiarity: their hair is gorgeous! What are their secrets? The editorial staff reveals to you the pictures.

Kanetti: Why does hair turn white with age?

Let’s start putting things in perspective: Salt and pepper hair is an optical illusion. Gray hair does not exist They go straight to white. It is a matter of pigmentation: either it is present during hair growth or it is not.

The Hair dye is given with melanin Which consists of melanocytes, the cells in the basal layer of the epidermis. And therefore , When there is no more melanin, the hair grows white. There are several reasons that could explain its disappearance: either Melanocytes are “exhausted”. It no longer produces melanin Melanin does not transfer properly to other cells.

Several factors, other than age, can promote the appearance of white hair, such as:

  • Stress: According to a study published in the journal eLife On June 22, 2021 by researchers from Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (USA), this phenomenon will not be irreversible.
  • a copper deficiency : an element that plays a crucial role in the production of melanin;
  • The pollution According to a study published in 2019 in the journal PNASLiving in a polluted environment accelerates the deterioration of hair fibers, which promotes depigmentation and hair loss;
  • a autoimmune disease Alopecia or vitiligo leads to white hair and thyroid disorder.
  • The hereditary : a study published in Nature Connections In 2016, the ‘gray hair gene’ that would affect the appearance of graying by 30% was highlighted.
  • I’alcohol : Alcoholic beverages generate oxidative stress that is harmful to cells and therefore hair;
  • The tobacco : Several studies have proven a link between tobacco and the appearance of white hair before the age of thirty, and studies published in 2013 estimated that smokers were 2.5 times more likely to gray faster;
  • they shock Emotional trauma can lead to rapid hair bleaching, but the mechanisms remain poorly understood by scientists.

Graying hair: 6 secrets for hairdressers to give them a thin color

“The best shampoo to look for is a purple shampoo,” Cindy Marcus, a Las Vegas-based professional hairstylist and editor of Latest Hairstyles, told BestLife. “Tones of purple help prevent gray hair from turning yellow and keep white hair looking white and vibrant.”

However, if your hair is very coarse or frizzy, it is best to alternate between a purple shampoo and a moisturizing shampoo. “By doing this, you are adding needed moisture back into the hair while eliminating brassy undertones.” The same routine can be used with a volumizing shampoo if needed.

Graying hair: 6 secrets for hairdressers to give them a thin color

If choosing a shampoo is important, choosing a conditioner is just as important! Cindy Marcus explained, “For someone with dry hair, you need a hydrating or hydrating conditioner. Women with fine hair need a conditioner that adds fullness and volume.”

Graying hair: 6 secrets for hairdressers to give them a thin color

Washing your hair several times a week can strip it of the natural oils needed to keep it healthy and shiny. “For best results, it is recommended to wash your hair once a week.”

Graying hair: 6 secrets for hairdressers to give them a thin color

Gray hair is damaged by heat faster than hair that has not lost its pigment. For this reason, great care must be taken with hot tools. According to Theresa Romero, salon technical and educational director at Jose Luis, this always means using a heat protectant before using a blow dryer or straightener, and keeping the temperature as low as possible. “Don’t leave a hot tool in your hair for too long,” she told BestLife magazine. “Pro tip: If the hair is too hot to touch with your finger, it’s too hot for it.”

Graying hair: 6 secrets for hairdressers to give them a thin color

“Keeping the ends nice, clean and neat will allow the hair to grow long and healthy. Most experts recommend a haircut every 8 to 10 weeks,” insisted Cody Renegar to Best Life, a celebrity hairstylist in Los Angeles whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow and Marie Osmond.

Graying hair: 6 secrets for hairdressers to give them a thin color

“Stay tuned for gray accessories,” advised Janine Jarman, owner of Hairroin Salon in Los Angeles and founder of Curl Cult. “Although it’s hard to find, it looks elegant in hair.” Plus, the accessories will help you effortlessly style your hair and wait for the next wash.


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