6 mistakes not to make in the summer

our PoetryWe like to take care of him. As for our skin, we commit ourselves to it very special routine To sport the mane of dreams, in all circumstances. And if summer is the perfect time to let them grow, let them sunbathe and see them shine with one stone as the days go by, it is also the time when they take risks weaken more. So summer is the time when we should pay special attention to what we do to our hair. Between sun, heat, chlorine and sea water, They are often subjected to rigorous tests. But do not panic, we will list everything that you absolutely should not do so that you do not regret your summer vacation in the fall.

Wet hair and sun set

wet hair Not a big problem. On the other hand, a surely unknown mistake that we all make is letting your hair dry after swimming, under the sun. In fact, this will have an effect malaise and oxidation Your hair and that’s big. You will likely end up with big split ends, and if you have one distorted hair To see your color fading. and this is Tristan Le VolSalon coloring expert Hovig Etoyan Which confirms this. So we prefer to wear a bucket hat or cap to protect it from the sun when it is wet.

Use a hair mask as a sunscreen

A hair mask is not considered a sunscreen. It is therefore necessary to bring a protective oil for the hair, a UV protective spray. Hair is more porous than skinYou will only need to repeat the procedure once or twice daily depending on the time of exposure. Remember that prevention is better than cure. So try to apply yourself to it.

Do not rinse your hair after swimming

If you can’t hair rinse Immediately after swimming in sea waterWell, it’s not that dangerous. On the other hand, when getting out of the pool, it is important to at least rinse them under cool clear water so as not to damage your hair. Especially if you have colored or bleached hair

Forget the refreshments

It is known that The sun dries up the skin and hair. Like sunscreen or after sun exposure, a moisturizer will protect your hair by nourishing it. So it is essential not to ignore these products.

Don’t detangle your hair after swimming

for keep your hairIt’s important to loosen it as soon as you get out of the water. While you can, keep a brush or comb with a moisturizing spray and detangle your hair afterward. We start from the ends to the roots.

Not washing your hair properly

After a day at the beach or at the pool, sweating, wet your hair and often touches the sand, Your hair needs a good cleaning. Stop making the mistake of not washing your hair properly. To achieve this, use purifying and detoxing products. Toxins will be eliminated more easily.

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