Top 11 men with unrealistic expectations of women, idiots

We’ve been used to sexual comments from men for a long time, but the magical (and frustrating) thing is that we never stop being surprised when we discover new comments. And where we make sure to find out is when men speak up to say what women should be according to them. It’s amazingly stupid.

1. Who thought there was a subscription to menstruation

“I told my friend I was on my period and he told me so ” still ? “. You know what, you’re right, I’m going to cancel my monthly subscription. »

2. Who thinks that the fear of women at night depends on your lifestyle

Hi, if you are a man, I am counting on you to never go near a woman who is alone at night. It doesn’t matter what you intend – unless it’s an emergency, don’t do it. You probably have no idea how cold dread and/or dread feels in these situations. Thanks.

_ Unless he’s handsome, well-dressed, speaks well and drives an expensive car, right?

No, you idiot.

3. The one who wants girls to look like anime girls

“I know it’s an anime girl, but if a woman really looks like that in real life, really, I want to have sex with them all the time. But obviously that would never happen because I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a woman who looks like that, but If she did, I would treat her with respect like a true gentleman, but as I said, that would never happen.”

4. Who thinks women are robots

_Someone just asked me for a source to prove that “Women have a living inner life that doesn’t depend on the man. Dude, if you need an academic source for that, that’s your problem.

_ Source: Women are human beings.

_ Women: “We are human beings” / Men: “A source?”

5. A person who believes that a woman should always be available for his sexual pleasure

I have never understood how people, especially women, refuse or do not want to have sex. Basically they think sex is unnatural? This is like saying you don’t want food to get in your mouth and chewing too much or something.

A woman can literally lie on her back, use the chute and sleep. There is nothing else that can be done after that. Literally. And a man will, in general, last 3 to 5 minutes. With a condom. No difference with the use of a dildo. A solid object entering a hole is supposed to enter it. Women may have no attachment, barely feel their “little penis”, and then come back to watch a movie and eat popcorn. How can you claim that a natural lubricating hole where the penis is supposed to go would amount to such an act of torture [qu’un viol] ???

It’s no different than drinking a glass of water, even if you’re not thirsty at all…it won’t kill you. »

6. Who thinks that a woman must have an orgasm to endure

tweet :


Man: My wife, who has 4 children and has had no orgasms this year, and who does not have the right to vote, cries a lot.

Doctor: She’s obviously crazy. »

Suspension : “You know a woman has to have an orgasm to give birth, huh?”

Reply to comment “Oh my God, I have news for you…”

7. Who thinks that women’s jewelry has to do with their sexuality

“I repeat it again: wearing an ankle chain is a sign that a woman is a lesbian or a whore”

8. Who thinks that women are children?

“Yes, women are children with whom you can legally have sex. A woman’s brain lacks the mental capacity to understand cause and effect. Like children, they obey when a man takes personal power.”

9. A person who believes that a woman’s “value” decreases when she has multiple sexual partners

picture “My value is not based on my sexual history”

Suspension “If a pair of shoes already has 50 owners, its value will go down. They are the basics of the economy.”

10. The person who is just a big incel

“If she breaks up with you and dyes her hair, she will have sex with at least 4 men that month.”

(Yes, we softened the translation because it was bad enough as it was.)

11. Who thinks that women hate their fathers

_ I’m sure you’re a woman

_ May I know where you think that?

_ Because you say your father is an idiot

_ I still don’t see how that means I’m a woman

_ To my knowledge, women insult their parents more than men.

I don’t know exactly where I found that either. I’m just going to get out of here. »

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