She had to cut her hair after Fort Boyard

Boyar Castle is back ! On Saturday 2 July 2022, France 2 welcomed Elie Simon and Clemence Bottineau or even Camille Lacourt in its legendary fortress to win many challenges in order to raise money for an association. This time, it’s Elodie Gossuin, Cécile Djunga, Bruno Guillon, Émilie Broussouloux, and Ugo from the show. Koh Lanta and Amandine Petty Who will do everything to win the precious keys. But, apparently, the filming of this episode did not go as planned for the former Miss France. Indeed, Miss 2021 was largely an ordeal, as I confided to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure.

Amandine Petit in glue with spiders

Amandine Petty has fond memories of the ordeal she encountered with spiders.We put on a full suit, and then we enter a cell filled with glue. Goal: throw the balls into a basket. It’s an impossible task, but what did we laugh about! I lost a shoe I stayed stuck to the ground for at least ten minutes. In short, I had them all over the place, She says with a laugh, even if panic had seized her at the time of the ordeal. If they are completely protected by the suit, Amandine Petty was horribly surprised when she found out she had glue…all over her hair!

Miss France 2021 and her fear of the void

Then Miss France 2021 said she had to make a drastic decision: “ Upon returning to the hotel, I even had to cut a lock of my hair, I explained. A bad memory is apparently not the only one, because Amandine Pettit also recalls another ordeal she dreaded dearly: This void. Indeed, last year, the former Miss France did not manage to overcome her phobia: “ This year, I prayed that I would not be named the host, Olivier Main, again. But something told me he wouldn’t hesitate! And indeed, I was right … the production dared to confront me again with the worst phobia (…). But this time you showed a lot of courage and you really did.” However, Amandine Petit has many memories in her head.

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