Orlsan: A fan throws away photos of her concert dating back to 2012!

Orelsan has been performing concerts for more than ten years. A fan finds photos of him dating back to 2012 in La Roche-sur-Yon!

Orelsan is now more than a well-known rapper. Some fans have been following him since the beginning. Fan publish pictures of her concert in 2012! Ten years have passed already. After a decade on this artist, which she greatly appreciates.

Orelsan photos in 2012

In 2012, Orelsan performed on the stage of Fuzz’Yon, in La Roche-sur-Yon. The room has since been closed. Maren Vanier, a fan of the first watch, posts on Twitter the pictures she just found!

Quality deserves 2012. She’s cynical about it in her tweet. ” Pictures taken with a digital camera I got thanks for Carrefour points from my grandmother.In the photos, we see Orelsan with really long hair at that time.

But not in the same way. The young woman even had some videos at that time. And great sound quality for 2012! In addition, the latter was in front of the stage, a real fan! Then she gave an interview to Ouest France.

» At that time, Orelsan was not as well known as it is now. At the concert at Fuzz’Yon, I was very close to him I even received Postillonss She trusts the newspaper. An anecdote that may sound funny. Nowadays, Orelsan fills the Stade de France.

The young woman finds these pictures by searching her computer. A sweet surprise that she wanted to share on her Twitter account. Especially since this moment brings back a lot of good memories. Do not buy this camera!

Fan finds old photos

I remember taking these pictures with the camera I got by accumulating points with a toy in a supermarket. entrust the navy in western France. In any case, the young woman has very good memories of this party. Better !

“The weather was crazy Fuzz’Yon’s room was full. I am sad that this legendary room in La Roche-sur-Yon is closed today. conclude. It must be said that Orelsan is always very close to his fans.

A fan also recently congratulated For an unofficial clip From one of his songs. The artist is a rap reference. And everyone wants to sing and perform with him. But the latter does not accept all the feats.

In fact, he refused Big Flo & Oli حلقة Episode For a very simple reason. Anyway, if you’re a fan of Orelsan, the latter keeps popping up everywhere. maybe even In the new room at La Roche-sur-Yon! who knows ! everything is possible.

The second part of his documentary should also be released soon for those who want to get to know the rapper a little better. The first part was a lot of fun for the fans but also for those who The artist does not necessarily know.

So, finding photos from 2012 shows that Orelsan continues to seduce even if he has been performing on stage in France for more than 10 years. The artist is far from being. He continues to achieve success and even more with his latest album.

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