Marital dispute in court

It is difficult to follow Maria and Ivano. They themselves no longer understand each other. They once and for all closed the door on a relationship that the judges, with difficulty, had to arbitrate on Wednesday.

Evano is accused of domestic violence against his ex-partner. On the evening of October 15, 2021, Maria warned the police after she had a quarrel with her ex-boyfriend Ivano. The 36-year-old defendant broke his dentures and left him with a black eye. This earned him a two-day downtime. The police decided to initiate a local deportation procedure.

This is the second time, according to this 44-year-old woman, that the defendant has engaged in violence against her. On May 17, 2021, during a birthday party in Belgium, Ivano pressed her leg out of jealousy, and Maria stepped forward, because the “handsome young man” was looking at her a lot. Maria accuses him of raping her afterwards.

“After the Christmas party, he left for Cape Verde to marry his cousin,” adds Maria, who feels the defendant took advantage of her during the four years their relationship lasted. “I brought him from Spain where he was not working. I financed a house in Cape Verde in his name, and we bought three cars in his name.

Upset, she demands compensation of 20,000 euros for the blows she received. 7 . heade The Correctional Chamber of the Luxembourg District Court reminds him that “the damage must be causally related to the offenses formulated by the prosecution”. The alleged victim is greedy.

His decision has been made

Maria made the decision to evict him from their home long before October 15, 2021 and would have waited for a good excuse to take action, defending the defendant who “can no longer eat or drink” because she decided to separate. The young man is dripping with romance, as in the novel The Bad Station. His story is hard to follow.

Ivano was going to tell his sister over the phone about his emotional state on the evening of the facts. Maria heard him “speak badly” of her behind the front door of their apartment. “He said I wanted him to have a baby and that God, fortunately, didn’t give me one,” explains Maria who ended up breaking into the apartment, convinced he was cheating on her.

The situation is escalating. Ivano hits Maria, according to the young woman. Maria Ivano pulls off the hair he was wearing at the time, according to the defendant who would have found himself in his underpants on the street. Ivano denies being beaten. “If I understand correctly, he is the victim in this story,” he tries to sum up the head of the repair room. “Doesn’t your hair hurt? Or the scalp?”

“There was hair on the floor,” says the defendant, who claims he spent the night at a friend’s house on police advice and that he came back in the morning to take his personal belongings with a friend Maria allegedly threatened to “find him in court if he didn’t leave.” Maria called the police for the second time.

Ivano still does not explain where his former companion’s black eye comes from. “I hit her and broke her dentures to make me feel guilty,” says Ivano, who claims she didn’t attend the birthday party. The defendant adds: “I also did not marry my cousin.” “So this whole story is because of the jealousy of the lady who put things in her head?” asks the chief. The answer is yes!”

Acknowledgment required

The prosecution questioned the credibility of the accused. His representative noted that “the alleged victim’s injuries are confirmed by the police and with a medical certificate.” “She wasn’t able to inflict them on herself.” The public prosecutor considered that the charges against the defendant had been brought against him and demanded that he be imprisoned for 9 months and an appropriate fine. She did not oppose the postponement of implementation.

His lawyer pleads not guilty. “We want to show him as the violent husband,” he says, and demand his acquittal. “The witness slips into fabrication in many respects.” It is said that Maria used to “hysterical attacks” and stalked the accused through text messages containing insults and threats that the lawyer added to the file.

Ivano was forced to close his accounts on social media to sever all relations with her.” The punishment required against his client is too high for someone who is only defending himself. In the meantime, he was going to attend his cousin’s wedding with another man.

Sentencing has been set for July 14.

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