Isabelle undergoes an eyebrow transplant 1,700 euros with hair from her head: but her new look has a downside (photos)

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Isabel, resident of Titbury In England, I had an eyebrow transplant after excessively waxing as a teenager, but now has to be trimmed every month to prevent it from growing too long, the Mirror reports..

she It was He used to spend 30 minutes every morning to me Draw his eyebrows. She desperately wanted to have “thick and thin” eyebrows. I decided to undergo an eyebrow transplant.

The operation took three hours and involved removing individual follicles from the back of the 36-year-old’s head and manually inserting them in separate areas of her eyebrows.

Looking in the mirror after the operation was an emotional moment for the president of one beauty product brand, who said she burst into tears when she first saw her eyebrows full.

the new look But Desabel has a downside. She should trim her eyebrows every month, because the hair grows quickly on her head.

The funny thing is that the hair continues to grow like real head hair. They don’t stop growing, they can go a long way if you don’t cut them. Every month I will have my eyebrows cut like hair by a friend because I don’t want to do anything wrong.

Isabelle had the surgery done in her native Poland, where she paid €1,700 instead of the €5,800 she was offered in the UK, and said she fully trusted her doctor for the shape and style of his eyebrows..

The woman from Titburyin Cotswoldshe added :I have dreamed of thick eyebrows for a long time. I plucked my eyebrows excessively when I was a teenager because the trend was to have very thin eyebrows. I was watching a TV show about plastic surgery in the US, and had never heard of it. I started doing a lot of research on the internet to find out the cost, it was way too expensive.

The procedure was not painful, the only thing that hurt me is two injections of anesthesia, one in the scalp and eyebrows, this is the only pain I feel.You have Poetry. When I looked in the mirror and saw my new eyebrows for the first time, I cried, I was so emotional because I waited for them for so long.

After the operation, Isabelle couldn’t touch her eyebrows During Two weeks. She also had to trust the process…

During At least two weeks after transplanting, I couldn’t sleep, wash or touch them, it was very difficult. you have a small hair there For the first time and after two months they fell. It took four or five months for them to start growing again permanently and they were fully grown in eight months. The doctor told me not to panic, you have two or three months without anything, and you think it is spoiled, but it is not.

Although she needs to trim her eyebrows regularly, Isabelle He said Being happy with the outcome of the intervention and even claiming that it “changed her life”, because she is no longer hiding when she is being photographed.It has definitely given me more confidence, Because I’ve never taken pictures very close to my face because I’ve always hated my eyebrows. I always hide, when someone takes a picture, I put my hand over my eyebrow. I look younger, my makeup routine is faster in the morning, she has change my life.

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