Healthier and more beautiful hair with nutritional supplements Madam President

Scalp problems affect women more than you think. The Madam President has imagined a range of natural products that provide a real help in solving all these problems. Beautiful hair for women who regain confidence, that’s the brand’s promise.

From a vixen to a virtuous project

Behind Madame La President is Maryam Malone, a passionate entrepreneur who imagined a project in keeping with her own history. She suffers from hereditary hair loss, but is above all uncomfortable with her naturally curly hair, and she has a complex relationship with her image. His career changed during a trip to the United States. She meets and discusses with female hair care experts, all of whom are proud of their hair, whether it’s smooth, wavy, curly, curly or frizzy. Like contrast with his image, these women impart positive energy to him, before passing on this desire to move the lines. Back in France, Mary Malone noticed how difficult it was to find such products. You have to go to the drugstore to find unattractive items and questionable formulas. Then she decided to start with a brand committed to the nature, beauty, and resilience of healthy hair. It’s 2017 and we’re kicking off, Madam President.

Healthier and more beautiful hair with nutritional supplements Madam President © Madame President

A range of natural and innovative products

Madam President sees the light with the launch of the first product: Decision No. 1. This complete nutritional supplement consists of 18 vitamins and minerals, elements intended to provide tangible and effective results. In just three months, it is possible to see the first benefits. Since then, the collection has been enriched by offering nutritional supplements, treatments and even teas meant for healthy hair. The brand caters to all ages, all hair types, and all types of beauty with procedures to suit each one. Madam President, 100% made in France, has chosen a laboratory specializing in cosmetics and nutraceuticals. Each dietary supplement comes from months of research and testing by a team of health experts. The goal is to design natural combinations that combine efficiency, innovation and simplicity.

Inclusive poem!

Far from making false promises, the Madame President puts transparency at the core of her DNA and passionately advocates for nature, diversity, strength, authenticity and beauty for all. The brand campaigns for nature and acceptance of self and others, whatever the nature and shape of their hair. Accept yourself, but above all be proud of your image and identity. The range of products translates this desire to celebrate all hair types. Madame La Présidente addresses all women to help them make their hair more beautiful, longer and stronger every day.

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