Behind the scenes of the selection of the prestigious model agency Elite, in Lille

On Monday July 4, 2022, at the Galerie des Tanneurs in Lille, the modeling agency Elite Model was picking its next faces. (© RC/LilleNews)

He had to night (north)And the Monday 4th July. The Tanners Gallery transformed to Platform (models stage) for one day, and Dozens of young people They introduced themselves to be Milestoneswhy not recruits by one of the most Modeling Agencies, Elite. Reps open to everyone…or almost. explore Behind the scenes of the event.

Gravity and optical as the main selection criteria

The place is set from the start: in the center of the shopping center is a table where the jury, made up of fashion specialists, sits. The place is not covered, everyone can be a spectator. For candidates, the first step is to fill in the information sheet: surname, first name, age, education level.

So far, no wonder. What’s more, candidates are measured as soon as they arrive: it takes at least 1m74 for girls and 1m83 for boys. All candidates must be between 16 and 22 years old, which already limits the field of possibilities. Once they are in front of the jury, they receive a compliment that helps them relax.

Some pressure tics may be observed, but they do not affect selection. Appearance and attractiveness are among the most important points for recruiters, provided that the candidates already meet the selection criteria. Violet and Garrance, aged 16 and 18, tried their luck.

Luxury brands, self-confidence and childhood dreams

Garance goes first: she’s photographed and then she’s photographed. “I was actually spotted last year by Elite Model. I saw that there was a regional pick today and I tried again. For her part, her friend Violet followed the advice she gave her: try modeling. So I took the chance. According to them, the major luxury brands that They can represent it as “make people dream”, and the profession can be a factor of self-confidence.

20-year-old Lucas turns up. Her curly red hair caused an uproar among the rulers. He was seduced by a few actors when he was young, but what he loves above all else is to be a “brand personality” and to present for his person.

Are they all in the same boat?

All three were greeted in the same way, and subjected to the same selection: quests, procession, photos … However, although the candidates are in the same boat, some stand out more than others, and this can be seen by the way their interview goes. This is the case of a young girl who came from Belgium in order to choose the actors.

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Long curly hair, bushy eyebrows, light eyes and delicate features: her profile immediately appeals to Émilie, the international recruiter of Elite Model. They go straight to the place for portraits: right profile, left profile, attached hair, separate, portrait, full-length portrait… The lens immortalizes the teenager from all angles. Polaroid will even be stapled to its information sheet.

‘Standards are still very strict’

Between 40 and 50 candidates showed up on the night of Monday, July 4th. Is the city teeming with talent? It’s clear Emily has been recruiting models in the area for the past 20 years. “We are fortunate to have a lot of origins from the East with different migration flows, and the candidates are very tall and have very diverse profiles.”

However, despite this diversity, she herself says, “the standards remain very strict.”

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