3 good reasons to include rice in your beauty routine

It accompanies traditional dishes from here and elsewhere, turning into a dessert accompanied by milk and a vanilla pod … Rice is inseparable from our dishes, but it is in the form of the beauty ingredient that it is currently doing. Water and rice powder are proven essential treatments for naturally shiny hair and radiant skin.

Since the pandemic, our bathroom seems to have been transformed into a real pantry. We no longer count ingredients from the kitchen that are gradually being called upon to suit the different needs of our skin. Eggs for hydration and smoothing, sugar for wiping, honey for hair removal, and olive oil for nourishment. And now rice works to remove the shine of oily skin and fight the signs of aging. Thousand-year-old beauty secrets are surfacing to respond to the climate emergency, as well as new concerns for the public looking for natural and eco-friendly solutions.

Faded hair ally…

In pills, powder, or in the form of water, rice has been used in cosmetics since the dawn of time. In Asia, women have been recycling the water in which they cook rice for centuries to strengthen their hair and speed its growth.

Rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, rice cooking water can be used as a hair mask, although its texture and scent aren’t the most lustrous. With that said, leave it on for a few minutes to make your hair stronger, thicker and shinier, speed up its growth, and even fight frizz. A real deal when you know how many treatments and products are needed to meet these different needs.

…and all skin types

But rice is also good for the skin. As amazing as it may sound, it is the ally of combination skin to oily skin, as well as dry, sensitive and mature skin. It’s crowded! However, glossy leathers are the ones that will appreciate rice powder the most for its high absorbency and thus ability to remove gloss. This is also the reason why the star ingredient is often found in some makeup products like mattifying powders, eye shadows, and even some blushes.

Mature skin will also turn to rice as it has an anti-aging and decreasing effect on the skin. The benefits we owe to its antioxidant active ingredients. Rice water fights signs of aging, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and enjoys smoother skin. The frosting on the cake, the cereal, still in the form of water, would also deeply moisturize and nourish the skin. Reasons why many brands may encourage incorporating rice into their future cosmetics formula.

(ETX Daily Up)

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