News – Finasteride 1 mg for early stage hair loss: information file and video to help announce adverse effects

In continuing actions to promote the proper use and secure use of finasteride 1 mg, we are providing two new tools designed in consultation with the Association for Finasteride Victim Assistance (AVFIN): an objective file of information as well as a “step-by-step” video from the French Network of Regional Pharmacovigilance Centers, to facilitate the reporting of Adverse effects associated with this drug. This medicine is said to be used to treat a certain form of baldness called androgenetic alopecia.

These tools are intended for the general public, particularly young patients, as well as healthcare professionals, whether they are concerned with the prescription of this drug or through the management of its adverse effects, particularly sexual and psychological.

By reporting adverse effects associated with a medication, you contribute to enhancing knowledge of the risks and improving the safety of its use.

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In particular, you will find detailed information about androgenetic alopecia, about the hormonal action of finasteride and possible side effects, which can appear during and even after stopping treatment. Particular emphasis is placed on sexual and psychological side effects.

This file details important messages and presents the action to be taken, both for patients and for healthcare professionals, when preparing treatment and in the context of medical follow-up of patients.

to remember

Due to the impact that some of the adverse effects associated with finasteride can have on patients’ quality of life, it is essential that you are aware of them before starting treatment. In the same way, it is important to ensure strict and regular medical follow-up during treatment. This in particular requires an in-depth discussion between the patient and their physician prior to any prescription.

As a reminder, finasteride 1 mg can only be prescribed to men between the ages of 18 and 41.

What to do in the event of a negative effect?

Information for patients

Sexual, psychological, or physical disturbances have been observed in some people taking finasteride, either during treatment or after stopping treatment. If you or those around you think you may have these disorders, contact your doctor or pharmacist. If he sees it helpful, he can refer you to a specialist.

Information for healthcare professionals

If the patient complains of psychiatric or sexual disturbances, systematically ask them about possible treatment with finasteride.

A video to help patients report the side effects of Finasteride 1 mg.

This interactive, educational and detailed video complements the tools available to educate patients and healthcare professionals about the risks associated with finasteride use. It provides a step-by-step guide for anyone wishing to report a potentially adverse effect associated with taking this medication.

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To report an adverse reaction, go to the reporting portal:

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