Lies, kidnapping, sleep… The horrific daily life of a young woman who was kidnapped by her “stepmother” for 4 years

A multi-year nightmare, which is fatally reminiscent of the case of Natasha Kampush, this Austrian teen who was held captor for eight years before she was able to escape in 2006.

Celine, a young woman from Faroese, was held captive for more than four years by her “stepmother” in San Rafael. A surreal daily newspaper that was examined by the Far Criminal Court this week.

In front of the criminal court, it is said that it is the horrific daily life of Celine. Between 2015 and 2019, according to the prevention dates kept by the investigation room, but for a longer period according to the person in question, Celine lived under the thumb of Marie-Ange Colangelo.

Make it invisible

Over time, Celine became invisible. So much so that her son, aged 10 in 2019 at the time of his mother’s flight, has not even mentioned her to the police who are questioning him about the family’s composition. Before the sting falls: “I don’t like Celine.” It is conditional since childhood, and like others, not to pay attention to who lives Sitting in the dark in the hallway.

The three children of Mary Ann Colangelo, who were heard by the Assize Court on Tuesday, described a “heavy atmosphere” in the villa. including towards them. “One day she threatened me with a knife if I went out.”someone says.

“I was able to manage everything, even when my brothers and I were adults”, chasing another. “Finances, sleep schedules… you shouldn’t contradict them, or else be careful!”

deprived of her son

In the secrecy of the house, Celine was trapped. “I have endured a lot of things to see my son grow up…” However, the young mother does not even have “The right to look at him, talk to him and touch him.” “When he came towards me, I had to step aside.”

cut off from the world

Over time, the young woman lost her freedom. No more work, no more credit cards, no more phone. The right to go out was no longer … And then, at the end of 2014, Celine approached E. “Nephew of Mary Ann.” “I came across a letter I had written to her, and it just got out of hand.” why? “Because it is not good to meet one of your former relatives”, Presents the accused’s companion in the most serious manner.

inner tyranny

Caught between their roles as jailers and the compassion that Celine inspired in them – “My mom was dirty with her, I was crying in my room” Mary Ann Colangelo’s sons hid to get the girl some food or open the bathroom for her, so she could at least brush her teeth. “But when my mother installed the cameras, it became even more tense and oppressive.”

Secluded in the hall, eating on the floor once a day and under the constant watch of her former mother-in-law’s children, she owes her salvation only to the kind gesture of one of her stepmother’s sons. No longer the warden. Support this mode.

“I had to stay upstairs without making a sound. You can’t sneeze or move on the seat, because it’s creaking.” Taking her only meal of the day has a fixed timing, as well as the rare showers she is entitled to.

Deplorable sanitary conditions

Over the months, then years, the young woman was cut off from the outside world, until she ended up secluded in a hall on the first floor of the house. Had to use toilet paper as a sanitary napkin or had to pee in the cooler…

“I didn’t say anything because I was afraid, afraid I wouldn’t see my baby anymore. Or that I’d end up buried alive in the garden while she was telling me.” The situation is getting worse. Her hair is falling out due to lack of hygiene and here she shaves. The savage keeps her clothes “several months in a row”Sanitary pads are not allowed. “I bathed in my own sweat and blood…”

Despite watching the cameras and the sons of her jailer, Celine fled one evening in November 2019, taking advantage of the owner’s absence. “I’ve never been kidnapped, Gets a close friend with Mary Ann Colangelo. The doors were open.” However, Celine had escaped through a window upstairs.

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