Kate Middleton debuted a new hairstyle, and she’s never had such long hair before

Kate Middleton Everything from the perfect future queen. She is elegant, attractive and always smiling. In every public appearance, the Duchess of Cambridge has dressed up gorgeously. Her clothes are carefully selected and each time they are unanimously agreed upon. Furthermore, whether it’s an autographed dress from a gorgeous designer, or a piece found at Zara, the result is always the same. The dress ends quickly stock out of stock In stores or in electronic stores.

Prince William’s wife is not satisfied with her dress study well. It is also eager to get a file Flawless transformation. Her hands always have a flawless manicure with a clear or transparent varnish. As a reminder, she has very few other options because royal protocol prohibits the women of the family from applying too obvious a color.

The irresistible beauty of Kate Middleton

As for her makeup, too, she always plays the sobriety card. Kate Middleton used to have a perfect skin Enhanced with a touch of pink blush on her cheeks. It’s the secret of owning the Duchess good looks. For her eye makeup, she prefers a copper or plum eye shadow, then accentuates her look with a black pencil. He also sometimes wears a line of soft eyeliner made with black eye shadow. The must-know trick to getting a slightly noticeable make-up that still delivers looks. Finally, to highlight her mouth, Kate Middleton chooses nude and more specifically Rosewood lipstick.

Kate Middleton is regularly called up to wear plush hats. Indeed, during important events, the Duchess and even the Queen always wear one. the reason ? This will be a rule written in the protocol. At the time, it wasn’t necessarily obvious that women were showing their hair in public. So this explains why Brits regularly wear beautiful hats.

Longer hair than ever

Hats, instead of covering the hair, highlight it. Those that Kate Middleton chooses always make us dream. as much as his beautiful hair ! Many women envy the hair of the Duchess of Cambridge. A little thick, with a nice volume…looks easy to style. Kate Middleton in any case can afford all hairstyles. We’ve already seen her with curly hair, wavy or even a breathtaking bun.

Kate Middleton once again stunned us with her incredible brilliance this Tuesday, July 5th. When attending the Wimbledon quarter-finals, Prince William’s wife wasn’t wearing her classic flawless comb, but soft hair. A very simple hairstyle that a young woman rarely wears and provides more style modern. With this hairstyle, we were able to admire the impressive length of her hair. And the least we can say is that Kate Middleton has never had such long hair before. At the same time, why deprive yourself of these lengths in light of her beauty?

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